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@martijnpoppen There are at this moment a couple of Whatsapp problems.
Don’t know if this is also affecting your app.



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@Mike1233 i think it does. This app is using the same servers as whatsapp web :slight_smile:

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Hi @martijnpoppen, I installed the Whatsapp app to use with Eufy and sent snapshots via Homey. The first days it worked but now it seems like the flow card "Send message * with * to *"stopped working. Can you check please?
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@Luca_Lorenzi yes if you can send a diagnostic report

Hi Martijn, report sent.
This is the id: 72821b2c-f2ad-45e5-8021-8dc55502b83d

@Luca_Lorenzi I see calls to a unresolvable host which is a private address., which suggests me that you do have some VLAN going on. So Whatsapp can’t reach it’s servers.

@martijnpoppen can you please share with me the private address you see in the report? I have the modem of the ISP and a Netgear orbi mesh router system with Bitdefender built inside of it.
Is there a way to see by myself the diagnostic report?

It is strange because before it worked very well and now it is broken… but I did nothing to my network. Strange :frowning:

@Luca_Lorenzi sure:

No currently there’s no way to see the logs yourself.

@martijnpoppen There is no host currently connected with that IP. I tried to re-test the flowcard and generate a new diagnostic report: 38a26bb8-5d4c-4a3f-a64c-f9cb441929c4
There is the same IP reported?

@Luca_Lorenzi yep still same

@martijnpoppen I restarted the homey because it was strange that type of communication with an IP that is not binding to anyone. After the restart it works again… the old rule of informatics never lies :smiley:

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@Luca_Lorenzi good to hear. And yeah in case of Homey a restart is sometimes the best you can do :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for your kind donation !

New app update (:green_square: LIVE: 1.23.2):


1: None

1: FIX: service unavailable error

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - Whatsapp - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)

Issue list: [APP][Pro] WhatsApp - Simple. Reliable. Private - #3 by martijnpoppen

@Bulletcather I set the test version live. Can I assume that everything is still working? :smiley:

Yes. Everyting is still connected. Thanks for update

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Martijn I installed WhatsApp and make a group with myzelf and my wife.

when a notification pops up , by my wife is a sound but not by myzelf what is the problem, how can I solved this, or is that normal because i installed WhatsApp with my number

@Rene_van_de_Kooi its the same as on your phone. If you are the sender youre not getting a notification from yourself.

Is there a way to solved that?

@Rene_van_de_Kooi no whatsapp doesn’t have that feature. Most people have a extra number for Homey and use that

Just get a simonly subscription with Lebara and configure that number in WhatsApp Business. That’s how I did it.

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