[APP][Pro] WhatsApp - Simple. Reliable. Private

Whatsapp - Simple. Reliable. Private.

WhatsApp for Homey is a complete intergration without the intervention of a bot. With this Homey app, you send messages, videos, photos, documents and location messages to a mobile number or WhatsApp group from your own phone number.

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  • Install this app on your Homey.
  • Go to add devices (tip: use Homey webapp)
  • Fill in your phone number
  • Whatsapp will notifiy you that Homey tries to connect.
  • Fill in the code inside Whatsapp.
  • Connected! :tada:

Current features:

  • :heavy_plus_sign: Send from your personal number to Groups or a mobile number
  • :speech_balloon: Send Text Messages
  • :rice_scene: Send Images (by tag or url)
  • :page_facing_up: Send Documents
  • :video_camera: Send Video
  • :world_map: Send locations

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch
  • :de: German
  • :fr: french
  • :it: Italian
  • :sweden: Swedish
  • :norway: Norwegian
  • :es: Spanish
  • :denmark: Danish
  • :ru: Russian
  • :poland: Polish

:rotating_light: Disclaimer :rotating_light::

  1. You are the only one responsible for the messages and the content that you sent. Remember that messages will be sent from your phone number.
  2. This app is not responsible for any ban or block performed by WhatsApp on your number. And the developer cant do anything to unblock it
  3. Never send a WhatsApp message to a new conversation. Make sure the conversation had interaction with your number before you send a message from this app
  4. This project is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with WhatsApp or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official WhatsApp website can be found at https://whatsapp.com. ‘WhatsApp’ as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners

Technical Info:

  • This app uses WhiskeySockets/Baileys as a Whatsapp client. This client is based on the WhatsApp Web API. This client is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. in any way.

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Q1: I don’t receive notifications on my phone
A1: You don’t get notifications from messages you send form your own number. So you need to use another number if you want to receive notifications. That’s how WhatsApp works

Q2: I get a Could not get groupID. Is the group link correct?
A1: First check: is the group link correct?
A2: Is the phonenumber which you configure in Homey also Admin of that WhatsApp group?
A3: Make sure the phonenumber which you use in Homey is part of the group

when i scan the code ,whatsapp keep loading.

@Helmut_Willems can you send a diagnostic report? :slight_smile:

Same problem here

I seem to have the same issue.
Eventually it provides the following error message:

will check!

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New app release issues :wink:


Diag report:


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never ending

New app update (LIVE: 1.12.14):


1: none

1: FIX: Pairing (Local DB not existing during pairing)

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - Whatsapp - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)

@Mark1541 @MrBlue @Ad_van_Liempt @Helmut_Willems please install the latest update and try again :slight_smile:

I tried saving data in the device. But the device didn’t exist yet :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile:

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Working with fix !

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@Mark1541 Nice! :smiley:

Atm i can link with whatsapp . . .
Can you send to your own ?

@Helmut_Willems yes you can :slight_smile:


I get this when I try to link my phone "Can’t link new devices at this time. "