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Hey @Heula
Yes you can copy the invite link of the group and use that as a recipient

Thanks, got it working :+1:

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My account keeps logging out.
Could it be 2fa is a problem?

@Bulletcather how did you set 2FA for whatsapp?

If your account keeps loggin out its probably a network issue. Do you have any blockers in your network like pihole?

I use adguard as a docker container.

I will exclude homey from the filter


I have disabled adguard for now.
I keep you informed

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Adguard disabled.
But whatsapp still logsout within a day.
Test again with 2fa disabled.

Hi @martijnpoppen , I’m using this whatsapp app to send images of my cams to.
I have set in Whatsapp itself to delete images older than 7 days but that seems not be working because I see a message that the sender is using an older version of Whatsapp.

Any chance this delete option will be available any time?


@heula hey
Unfortunately not possible. Not sure if it will be possible. Its depending on the external library

Okay thanks.

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Hello @martijnpoppen !
Since February 1st, I have noticed that the photos are no longer sent in HD, even though that was the case.
Do you know if this comes from an update on WhatsApp? And is it possible to add this option in the global settings?

Thats not something i can handle. It depends on the picture you send. as far as i know if the picture is high res it will be send as HD.

Hello @martijnpoppen ,
I would like to point out that these are images from my surveillance cameras, and that they are always in HD.
This is why I don’t understand this change since February 1st.

@Mikl i like to point out that theres nothing that i can do about it :wink:

@Mikl there is a update available for the library which im using. But i dont expect it will fix it.

loool OK! :rofl:. Thank you for your feedback, I will keep you informed if the update changes a few things :wink:

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I have the same behavior as some people have described above. I send a message to a Whatsapp group once every week, and when I do so, I don’t get notifications on my phone afterwards for a few hours, maybe one day max. I also appear ‘online’ for my contacts, but I am not online with my phone. I have the latest version of the app.

@DieJan and you already tried a repair of the device?

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I have a challange, that I don’t understand. My Whatsapp request for “weeralarm” is not working anymore “suddenly”, but the one for “weer” does. They are exact the same the output what he need to sent is only different.

Any idea, what I am doing wrong?
Tested multiply times, created new cards etc…

whatsapp weer

whatsapp weeralarm

@smv no idea. please send a diagnostic report