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Good evening !
Sorry for the delay…

Since my last post, the app crashed one Time again, but my flow automatically restarted the app before I could look (it was night).

I therefore specify that this is an error while sending a message.
I modify my flow to just be alerted and not reboot the App, and I wait for the next crash to be able to send you the report.


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Dear Martijn, I have been running your App from the start, but I have also had problems from the start. Sometimes it works for a while, then I have to reconnect everything, which (if it even works) takes a lot of effort.
Pairing in another way (with my Mac or Watch Ultra or browser) works perfectly and continues to work.

So there is a problem somewhere, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Hey @Ad_van_Liempt
As far as i know you are the only one who experience these issues.
All issues you experienced earlier have already been fixed and the app is running stable now

I suggested the Pi-hole previously as i suspect theres something going wrong in your network. Whatsapp shouldn’t lose connection and repairing should be flawless.

I really suggest to check this in your network as I can’t fix it if i can’t reproduce these issues.

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I hate to say it, but you’re right! :grin:

Just wondering why the other options, Watch Ultra, Mac and Web, work…

Let’s see if I can find an alternative to Pi_hole

@Ad_van_Liempt really strange. Last time did you disable Pi_hole on your Homey and on your phone?

Before repairing I had changed the DNS. Today I turned off the Pi-Hole. After repair it continues to work for a while…

This time very short…

and then after an hour a number of test messages suddenly arrive. And after this everything works as it should again, strange but true.

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Can you please add an Estonian mobile number? +372 501 xxxx

@Rrrr should be working already. Usings Google validation now

I am sorry for your trouble.

It worked and then we were still trying setup. We may have sent messages through Homey (to group) before testing directly with Whatsapp. Setup works, but no messages pass through, also no Error status from the Whatsapp card. Can there be a block?

What is the best way to start from scratch: delete the app or something more efficient?

@Rrrr hard to say without a diagnostic report :wink:

The first time what i have experiance, is that when setting up Whatsapp with your number etc… I need to reset Whatsapp app on Homey, before it sending out the messages.

First also then tried directly to my own number and when that works, i have amended the same flow with the groups url.

Maybe this helps? :slight_smile:


Thanks. How do you reset the app exactly?

config page of whatsapp and klik on restart

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It worked thanks!


Hi Martijn,

tried to send a message to a whatsapp group:
+316xxxxxx / https://chat.whatsapp.com/ “linkcode”
+316xxxxxx / “linkcode”

But both don’t work? What’s wrong? I can send an ordinary message.

Get following error code:


HI @Ruud_Boegheim
Don’t send them both, it’s your number OR the group link.

:+1: Thanks for the quick response, that does the job!

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Thanks for this amazing app, works like a charm.
However I created a group for me and my girlfriend, and Homey sends via my extra Esim a whatsapp message to that group. When I turn on disappearing messages, it says an older version of whatsapp is being used and it cannot delete the messages. I think this is working as intended, but just thought I’d mention it.

Cheers, Nick.

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Yes thats correct. Homey mimics a whatsapp web version but unfortunately not compatible with latest mobile whatsapp version

Hi @martijnpoppen , did I read correctly that I can send a message to a whatsapp group with a linkcode?
If yes, how do I get this linkcode?