[APP][Pro] Weather by Open-Meteo

@spkesDE: This is a great app, specially the way how it can be configured.

But the weather updates are still/again only every 1 hour, not 15 minutes.
Is there anything what needs to be configured in the app?

Only current weather gets updated every 15 minutes.

Mh, I have updates every 1 hour.

Send me a diagnostics report :slight_smile: I can check the updates then

Report was sent: 58d48268-2cbb-4099-a472-1d4b258b8904

You need to update to 1.4.6 :slight_smile:

Now it’s working with a 15 minute intervall. Thanks for the update :+1:

Well … Open meteo allows 15 mins update.
But if they just update the data onve an hour nothing changes :person_shrugging:. 1.4.6 installed

It does work for me. As you can see,

I can only display the data that OpenMeteo provides :person_shrugging:

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for this great work! :+1:

Unfortunately my temperature (in germany) also does not get updated within 15 but 60 minutes. With version 1.4.6

And I’d like to suggest two extra features :slight_smile:

  1. “AND”-Cards would really be great (was already mentioned earlier) - especially the probably most common one “And temperature is above X degrees”
  2. WHEN-Card for Sunrise and Sunset - Ideally with optional offset in minutes

Then it’s related to the data that open-meteo provides. I call there API currently every 15min with the current weather at the location that you set.

Already possible with logic cards

I’ll put this on my todo list

Thanks, I think I start to understand the logic…
When I look at the “Date of Weather” I can see clearly how it changes every 15 minutes.
The screenshot below was done at 06:34. Just a few seconds earlier the “Date of weather” showed 06:19.
So when the temperature-attribute says e.g. “35 minutes” ago, it just means that the API did not deliver a new value? So if the value is unchanged you don’t reset the update-time of the attribute? Can you maybe elaborate a little?

Embarassing. Didn’t think about that… :crazy_face:

Thanks! :hugs:

Yes that right. If the value didn’t changed it doesn’t show it

Just out of curiosity: Is that a general behaviour of Homey that you cannot avoid or would you have the theoretical option to reset the update-time-attribute if you’d actively do so (even if the old and new value didn’t change)?

Yes that’s behaviour of homey. I always update every value every time the weather updates

Thanks for the info! And: Keep up the good work :slightly_smiling_face: