[APP][Pro] Weather by Open-Meteo

This app just hit over 500 installs on Homey Pro’s around the world!

Thank you, guys! :tada: :beer:

Also, if you have anything that you need or want in this app, please let me know!


Version v1.3.3 is now in test!

  • Added Weather Condition Hourly Variable

@spkesDE I’m astonished on level of information provided by Open-meteo, eg. for pollen it’s first app providing this info, isn’t it ? Well done! Btw, sahara dust :-)) … will keep it tracking because washing car day before is a pain :-))

Btw, any possibility to have more frequent updates,eg. for rain ? It’s not about forecast, that’s fine for 1 hour update,rather current weather…


No, because open-meteo only provides 1-hour updates. A paid provider is required for shorter intervals.

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Version v1.3.3 is now live!

  • Added Weather Condition Hourly Variable
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they are a bug into weather_code capability:
you have writed



Well, it’s a typo. It will not break the app. :person_shrugging: Will fix it eventually

yes it’s a typo but sharing data with other apps (or homescript) need to remember that. If you fix it, it’s better :slight_smile:

ChangeLog - App Version 1.4.2


  • I’m thrilled to introduce a new feature: a THEN flow card Creating Chart Images using Hourly Weather and Air Quality Variables. This feature allows you to create customized charts that bring out the intricacies of hourly variables in a visually appealing way.


  • Fixed a minor but pesky typo in the capability “mesaure_weathercode” (Now “measure_weathercode”). Thanks to @diapolon.


  • I’d like to give credit where it’s due. This feature is heavily inspired by the app Insights Graphs. I encourage you to explore their app for an even deeper dive into data visualization.

Warm regards :v:


Cool! Julian.
New possibilities :partying_face:
Now f.i. the precipitation can be shown as graph in the just started homeyboard project, see point #3 in my post here:

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Maybe there will be way in the future to create widgets via an API.

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Hi @spkesDE and thanks for a nice app :wink:
For some reason, the “Date of weather” is one month off?!?
Also, when you’ve got the time, please add an option to display the wind, both strength & gust, as m/s instead of km/h…

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Can I get a screenshot of that?

Also, yes I can, but not sure when.

Here’s a screenshot:

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Same here

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Version 1.4.5 is live!


  • Fixed Date (It was one month off)
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Test Version 1.4.6 is live!


  • Current Weather updates now every 15 minutes (Only in North America and Central Europe)
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That is great !

How that’s possible @spkesDE ? :ok_hand::clap::+1: Well done! (to whoever is guilty:-) )

Open Meteo had an update :slight_smile:

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