[APP][Pro] We Connect / myAudi / MyŠKODA / My SEAT / My Cupra

Would be nice to communicate with the myaudi app (audi etron) for scheduling electric charging and my solar systemen…so following the discussion.

Found the HomeAssistant App for Seat: GitHub - Farfar/seatconnect: Communicate with Seat Connect
And Skoda: GitHub - lendy007/skodaconnect: Communicate with Skoda Connect

I made a workaround to this with IObroker. IObroker has quite extensive VAG group car support with adapter for VW We Connect, We Connect ID, We Charge, myAudi, Skoda Connect, Seat Connect and We Connect Go.

My solution was

  1. Install the IObroker to windows computer which is always on. You could use also raspi.
  2. Install the vw-connect app for IObroker
    -Connect the app to right server and give the credentials
  3. Install the MQTT client to IObroker
  4. Select the information that you want to pass to MQTT broker in IObroker.
    -Ofcourse you have to have MQTT broker in use, I used the Homey MQTT broker app.
  5. Get the information to Homey with Homey MQTT Client app.

So far it works. Half a day use behind :crossed_fingers:

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That sounds great. I’ve installed iobroker on a Raspberry Pi included the MQTT-client en VW-connect adapters. Can you please share some details about how to exchange data between the car and homey? Thnx in advance.

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Thanks for sharing @peltsi51! I do not own a raspi but I do like your initiative.
I will wait and see if there might another solution for this


To get the information from IObroker to Homey you need to set up the MQTT broker. Install the MQTT broker to Homey and install MQTT client to Homey.

After that you can “send” in other works publish the data from IObroker to MQTT broker in the Object page of IO broker.

When you have pubished the information to MQTT broker you can read the info to Homey with MQTT client app and reciever topic trigger flow card.

Hopefully this helps. Ask more specific if you have some problems in some point.

Thank you very much, it’s working.

Is it also possible to send messages back, for example to unlock the car?

Kind regards,

Raymond Bras

Haven’t tried any controls from Homey to car.

Though in my ID3 connection it seems that the same controls are possible than in android we connect id app. So still quite limited and door control are not possible.

Test it and let us know how it goes.

@peltsi51, can you “only” fetch the data that is visible in the app? Or can you, for instance, also get mileage?

You can fetch all kind of data like mileage, fuel-level, oil-level, etc.
You can see the list of entries by this link to github: GitHub - TA2k/ioBroker.vw-connect: ioBroker Adapter for VW We connect and Skoda connect.

That is really nice. And if this seems to work, I guess it would not be too difficult to create an app later on?

Actually it depends on the car model. For example mileage can not be gotten from ID3.

OK, it was specifically the ID.3 I was thinking about, so that is a bit disappointing. But you never now what will be available in the future, and the We Connect ID is still a bit poor when it comes to features

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You still can do fun stuff with the information that is available. Here is charging plot from today. Charger 50kW, outdoor temp 0C, cold battery


Yeah, that is very cool. But from a home automation point of view it is hard to find an use-case. :wink:

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Understand your point. I also use it more as an information source. So far I have made following:

  1. Start the climatization based on whatever trigger you might think of, calendar etc. This is still under construction, haven’t figured out when to automatically trigger the climate on.
  2. Get the information to dashboard.
  3. Make home charging stop when wanted range (or SOC) is achieved.
  4. Calculate the saved money compared to ICE car.

Here is the information available.

Those are of course very interesting though! :wink:

I am leasing my car, so one thing I am specifically interested in is to frequently fetch mileage, and compare that with allowed mileage. But that can of course be done manually also.

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I’m also leasing and currently the charging at home is at my own expence so I have made that up to 100km range is always charged at home and the charging is stopped there.

Great idea about the mileage allowance checking, didn’t thought of that. Let’s see if the mileage would be available at some point.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
I am thinking about getting myself a raspi, the cost is not the issue. It is rather having yet another device to just sort this out, and still some features I really want aren’t in place.
We’ll see, but it would be nice just to govern pre-heating for instance, in the app I can only set two departures times

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