[APP][PRO] VThermo

Hi Bjørnar,
Can you help me to see if I’ve set this up right? I can’t get it to work.
My wish is to control my heat pump (Sensibo Stue) with Vthermo based on a certain temperature from an external temperature sensor (Temperatur Stue).


Hi, your Vthermo should be in the same virtual room of your heat pump, in yours there are really many devices.

It’s in the same room as you can see in the screenshot.

Yes you are right, but did you try to put in just the three devices (VTHERMO, AQARA and the heat pump), just to be sure and reducing the number of variables that can interact. please click also yes in “controll device in the same zone” heaters

Looks like the config is OK. Check ​that VThermo has the same temperature as the Aqara (21,6)

When you check “Control devices in the same zone - Thermostats”, VThermo will control the Sensibo thermostat. It will set the target temperature of the Sensibo high to turn it on, and low to turn it off. About 2 degrees higher / lower.

So turn the target temperature of the VThermo high, and the Sensibo target shall be around 2 degrees higher that its temperature. And correspondingly for a low temperature for VThermo.

@balmli, this seems like a great app! It seems not to be working for Homey (early 2019). Is there any plans to make it work for Homey (early 2019) as well?

It should work on Homey (Ball) Pro and not Pro version. Does not work on Homey Bridge / Cloud.

Ok, I have the ball, early 2019 versjon. I got an Aqara temperature sensor and Aqara smart plug connected to a heater. Smart plug is defined as a “heater”. VThermo is placed in same zone. VThermo seems to only see the measured temperature, but doesn’t seem to recognize the heater.

You must set the target temperature of the VThemo. Slide the wheel from bottom left, and up. Or you can use a flow to set the target temp.

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I just bought my first Homey Pro, I was using Homey Cloud before. I have set my heating using many flows on Cloud and I am very happy about VThermo I can use now. It works as advertised, great app. However I cannot make it work on the way I want to use.

First I wanted to control heating in my bathroom. There is a Shelly H&T measuring temperature, a Shelly 1PM switches the heating panel and a Shelly Motion detects motion. App works well with manual setup. But I cannot change target temperature with my flows. There is only one flow changes target temperature out of six. The other five doesn’t change, however all set the same way: 1. First person comes home, target set on Temp1 / 2. First person wakes up, target set on Temp1 / 3. Motion detected, target set to Temp2 / 4. Last person leaves home, target set to 5 / 5. Last person went sleeping, target set to 5 / 6. Motion stops, target must go back to Temp1
Only “4. Last person leaves home, target set to 5” works, none of the other five. What do I do wrong?

Hi @LToke , please check that the setpoints you set are OK with Vthermo. For example you can not set 21,1, vthermo doesn’t recognize it, you should respect the scale. Secondly, could you please check that the flows that don’t work, can work turning on a light, for example?

Thank you for the warning. Target temperature was not on the set 0.25 grid. I changed and it works perfectly fine. Great app, lazy user. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I’m also pretty new to Homey, and was hoping for a little bit of help using VThermo.

My goal is to adjust fan speed depending on how warm the room is. My plan is:

Under 20C = Fan off
20-23C = Fan 50%
Over 23C = Fan 100%

I managed to create a virtual thermostat and pull the temperature from my Adax oven, but is there a way to get the functionality I want with the help of VThermo?

So far I made the minimum and maximum target temperature for the VTherm 20 and 25 degrees (I guess this is not really relevant for my case, as I will not be adjusting the thermostat, just want to use it as a trigger). Then I create a flow and I use the When temperature becomes less then 20C, and time is between 19:00 and 07:00 (dont want the fan to run during daytime), then turn Fan off.

Another flow When temperature is above 25 degrees, and time is between 19:00 and 07:00, then set fan speed to 100 %.

Last one When temperature is above 20 degrees, and time is between 19:00 and 07:00, then set fan speed to 50 %.

Am I getting close to something here? I guess I can just make another flow that turns all the fans off at 07:01 for instance. What Im not sure will work, is if the temperature goes from for instance 26 degrees, when the fan is running and 100 %, and down to say 22 degrees. Will the fan then adjust down to 50 %?

So, did some more research, and have now changed my flow to this. As long as my trigger works, I assume this will do the trick?

@KjetilK , yes, this is the way. Every time you need math variables, LOGIC is the solution. Logic can solve equation.

I have been running this app for some months together with the Heating controller, working fine except for one issue. I have configured the HeatIt relay to default to on after reboot (powerbreak). This causes the Virtual thermostat to not “discovering” this if temp is above set target and my bathroom gets very warm. Any hints on how to avoid this @balmli ?

Possible for you to set the relay to default off ?

Yes, but I would like to keep the default on as a backup solution if the Homey crashes. Then I can go back to using the 1-2-3 switch.
Is it possible to add an option to check temperatur every x minutes?