[APP][Pro] Virtual Devices - Virtual Devices to simulate 1 or more real devices

(should have read all 599 posts 1st :slight_smile: )

Did some initial testing last night, truly freestyle :partying_face:

Need to figure out from other chat how to create " Advanced Virtual Devices"-template as did not find how-to do device-copy-paste easily (as newbee every corner takes its toll :thinking: )

I have no clue what you mean here.
However, when you create a new virtual device, there is an option to create a field that reflects the value of a field of another device. And you can use a formula how this value is converted in the value you want.
Maybe that is what you want?

Here’s how you can share or duplicate an AVD

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Wanted to be able to duplicate Device.

On Repair, and export, then add new AVD and use TEF to make simlar - worked better than expected :slight_smile:

Thanks for advices.


Could we have a heating controller device where we can have modes such as Away, Home and Night? Similar to virtual device - home alarm except different text. It would make it very easy to select from the Homey app, and the user does not have to consider temperatures as they would be preset in flows. Thanks.

I think it’s best to move over to the Advanced Virtual Device for this one. There several picker lists, and you can even request your own custom list

The list you’d like is already present by the way:

Indeed, the VD app only creates default Homey devices, very easy in use, very simple, but low customisation.

However, for more advanced customization. Ise the Advanced Virtual Devices from the Device Capabilities app.
Those are way more complex, advanced and customisable.

Would love to see some cards supporting distance like m, km, mil, (Swedish), miles etc.

If its already there I cant seem to find it.

Now I’m counting distance for my leasing car using the lx entity…

Sorry, i really dont understand what you mean with this.

Do you mean you want a VD with m, km and miles properties?

If so, take a look at Advanced Virtual Devices from the Device Capabilities app.

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Awesome, did not no it existed. Will have a look. thanks!

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I use virtual device (alarm state) to control my alarm flow.

This morning, with the server issue, I wasn’t able to control this device. Others virtual devices (buttons, counters, …) worked well, but alarm state, no possibility to change this state.

Do you know why?

Another thing: I could control this state with my specific flow (using a z-wave remote that change this state). But not directly in the app. This was the only virtual device didn’t worked.

Hi. I would like to use the thermostate to set temperature but i would like to do this with steps of 0,1. Is that possible?

I can only set steps of 0,5

If not can it be a feature request.


Use an Advanced Virtual Device from the Device Capabilities app.

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Did you still have the script?

I have a virtual sensor device for the main power meter in my house. The virtual device has three capabilities: ‘power’, ‘power meter’ and ‘voltage’. These values are updated from MQTT messages in a flow, and it works just fine.

I recently migrated from a Homey 2019 to a 2023, and all of this migrated fine, and kept working on the new Homey.

The Insights for this virtual device has four graphs: “Energy”, “Power”, “Power usage” and “Voltage”. On the old Homey (i.e before the migration) the “Power” and “Power usage” was exactly the same. However, after the migration I can see that “Power” has now become a static value, while “Power usage” still varies according to the actual power used in the house (i.e the values sent to the VD in my flow). Here’s a snapshot of how this now looks:

I’m a bit puzzled here, but I guess this might be due to the 2023 having a different way of doing things. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi. Been using the Modes for a year or so. But suddenly the modes started switching status after the Homey restarts. After removing and adding new Modes all switch on after restart, also tries to deactivate all flows connected. What might be the problem? Could this be connected to me switching WIFI connection on my Homey?

Perhaps they finally removed the double insights?
Just a guess.

Well, nothing is changed in the app itself.
So either the value is changed through flows, or homey has a bug in it?
Im not sure, i personally cannot simulate this issue.

Hmm, that could be it, but why haven’t they mentioned this in their changelog if so?

I just checked, and the “Power” Insight is indeed stuck at whatever value it had on my old Homey before the migration also for other devices.

The next question then becomes why hasn’t it been removed altogether? Leaving it as a static value isn’t a good idea. I really don’t want to see completely useless insights.