[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator

Arie, this is a long shot I think, but I was wondering if the AVD’s might be a good way to manage the state, and to control, a home solar system. All the control levers are available to control solar output, charge, discharge, buy, sell etc. But the real difficulty is tracking the status of the devices and making a decision about what action to take. These decisions are based on:

  • the battery and its % charge
  • the relationship between solar production vs home power consumption
  • the buy and sell price of electricity both of which can be -ve or +ve (so like today I was being paid 10c/kWh to charge my battery. At the same time I need to watch the sell price as it is also -be and as soon as the battery is full I will be charged for exporting power to the grid. So I need to quickly curtail solar production from the inverter.
    There are probably other factors as well but they are the important ones.
    Is this a system which could be made easier to describe and control using Advanced Capabilities? Has anyone already done this?