[APP][Pro] Virtual Devices - Virtual Devices to simulate 1 or more real devices

@Arie_J_Godschalk: Could it be a Homey Pro 2016/2019 related issue? I received and installed the Homey Pro 2023 yesterday and now I can successfully add most of the .svg files.

@Daniel_Weber: which Homey are you using?

To be honest, i do not understand what is going wrong, or actually, i do:
After the creation of an VD, the icon is DELETED!

On SDK2, this didn’t happen, but by a certain change in the SDK3, it does.
I think there is a speed issue between 2019 and 2023.

On the HP2023, what happends if you restart the VD app?
Is the Icon gone / reverted to default?

@Arie_J_Godschalk: you are right: on the HP2023, when restarting the VD app, the icon is reverted to default!

Thought so :slight_smile:

@Bram, @Daniel_Weber and others:
Fixed in version 1.2.2., live right now.
Solved for HP2019 and HP2023.

I can succesfully use any icons, also font-awesome icons.
Still, check out Advanced Virtual Devices from the Device Capabilities app, there you can change icons after creation :wink: (plus a lot more options and customisation, like custom capability/property icons).

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@Arie_J_Godschalk: I installed VD app v1.2.2 and it seems to work. After restarting the VD app the custom icons remains visible. Thank you!
I hope it’s also fixed and working for @Daniel_Weber.


thanks, it is working now :slight_smile:

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Getting error that the app has been crashed. Cant restart. Even after reboot of mu hp23.

Made a diagnostic report:


Try restarting the app:

Install the app again, because this is a hp2023 bug and behond the scope of the app itself.

Do not de-install if you have any devices, just install it again, because it seems there is a fault in the app.json during install.

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Thanks, worked! Now it works again! :wink:

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Hi Arie,

With 1.2.2 (on HP23) I’ve the same problems with newly added Mode (In Dutch “modus”, but don’t know which word in English is used). They get the default icon.
The old one won’t change but the new one change after restart of the app/ Homey.

Okay, ill have a look in 2 weeks.
Next week im on holidays.

Please create a ticket for it? Thanks!

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Have a good Holiday!

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Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk , Question. I might be asking a question I know the answer to :slight_smile: But can you pair/generate/create virtual devices of your app via (yes, here it comes again :slight_smile: ) Homey Script?

No, afaik, you cannot create new device through HomeyScript.

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Ah, bummer. But! Thanks for your quick answer :slight_smile:

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Hi Carsten, do you have new experiences with the Indego and Homey pro 2023 integration? Would be nice to have an app as well for this device :blush:

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I have sunshades in my house, and I have a few that have windows that can be opened. On these I have window sensors, and I want to prevent the shades from closing if the window is open. When I do change the state of the shades, there’s nothing to latch on to before the shade has been moved. Also, any delay might make the screen crash into a window.

So my best idea is to make a virtual shade device, and have a flow that everytime that changes, ensure that the window is closed so that it’s safe to move the zip screen. There are virtual blinds and sun screen devices etc, but none of them have the capability “quick_close”, which seems to be the capability that ensures that when you click the tile, the close/open action actually happens. Is there I way I can get that capability on a virtual device?

@Articate Well, this is possible with the Advanced Virtual Devices form the Device Capabilities app.

edit: seems that also need to look for "Advanced Virtual Devices form the Device Capabilities

(tried to search 1st, but ended with empty hand)

Would like to make non-standard virtual device with

  • several temperature values / limits
  • several booleans (but 0 / 1 to calculate on trends)
  • several float numbers (between 0 and 1, while e.g. 3 desimals would do)

My (stypid?) idea start from need to be able to duplicate set of Homey variable easily as finally several of each type of “non-standard virtual device” needed…

Finally :grimacing: Q: Is there easy way to create something similar VD (from avail. virtual devices) and then modify its content once and have workable set of variables?

(Note! plain use of obvious JSON not welcomed as values not seen in Trends wo effort, while I need all values to be avail. for visualization)

As always, also better ideas welcomed (like app to include “freestyle” virtual device :star_struck: )

Use the Advanced Virtual Devices form the Device Capabilities app.