[APP][Pro] Virtual Devices - Virtual Devices to simulate 1 or more real devices

Hi, Also my question is how I could synch a mode(ON/OFF) with its logic variable (Yes/No) and vice versa.

I Have at least 2 Modes created at the moment : Whisper (Mode) & DnD (DoNotDisturb) (Mode).

I want to sync their State to the logic/Homey Yes/NO Variables : “Whisper” and “DnD” and vice versa.

Somehow I can’t get it right so any help would be very appreciated.

(and Same for some logic/Homey number variables to a Virtual device that accepts/requires numer input).

Thank You very much.

For the status field you can add ANY text you like in the flowcard, like m³ or :uk: :netherlands: or °F
The value you can use the tag from the device which holds the value, like your electricity meter reader

For the numeric fields, you can add whatever text you like, to the “Units” field. I just search for, like, cubic meters and then just copy/paste the symbol

Mobile tile:

When you need more examples, just ask, and also you can take a look here

Can you define from which device or app mode(OnOff) is to be found?

You can use a numeric field

And feed it with this flow:

When you use Better Logic variables, a flow is not needed:
BL variable = false:

BL variable = true:

Thank You very Much. is this done with the “Device Capabilities” APP and not the “normal/standard” " Virtuele Apparaten" APP ?? (because the orange icon in your 2nd screenshot (right to “Set Num_variable to” .

I Just want to add these Modes/States (Like WHISPER & DnD (=DoNotDisturb) additional TO HOME/AWAY & Awake/SLEEPING to define more accurate some actions / Push messages or (Google) TextToSpeech or volume of (auto) playing Music/radio in my Toilet/Bathroom (when motion detected) when Theses Modes are ON/off. And Only the standard Homey logic variables ssems to be persistant after a crash/restart of Homey. (and at the moment My Homey Pro 2023 (rc.65) is crashing a lot(red pulse) or just stops working (white pulse for 1 hour or more until I cut the power).

Can you somehow link it also to a logic variable like you can do to a BLL variable please.

And adding some Icons as a (gas/electricity/water/distance heating (=stadsverwarming) meter would be very much appreciated.

Thank You.

By Theses permissions: :

Volledige toegang tot Homey om alles te bedienen namens de gebruiker

" ??

Please Forgive me and please don’t take it personally but I am always a liitle bit scared and suspicious to grant full access to an APP/software of (quite) unknown origin because of privacy and security reasons.
ÿou never know cant be sure what info gets where or could be done with this kinds of access (by the developers for example.)
Can’t it be done with less access in particular for my problem or overall for the " Device Capabilities" APP in general.

Thank You

I don’t know what You mean by that. (by the way I’m dutch : Zo we kunne ook nederlands praten als dat makkelijker is. :sunglasses:)

Well, you can check the sourcecodes, there all open on bitbucket for everyone to check (all my public apps are).
But no, the dc app would not function without it, and with reflection and react on AVD, it’s needed.
This permission means i use the homey-api, which is needed to read devices, tags, variables, etc.
But it cannot really control EVERYTHING, but it can read almost anything yeah.
But TEF, AVD and all other flowcards, like Set all devices in a Zone, need the homey-api/athom-api.

You’re welcome.
My bad, this is not done with the ‘standard’ Virtual Devices app, but indeed with the Device Capabilities app. I did not pay (enough) attention to the app topic.

That is, if possible, an option for an Advanced Virtual Device.
It’s up to Arie, and you’d best create an issue as type "feature request for that, so Arie can keep track on his changes and requests.
You can find the link to the issue tracker by going to the app store, look up the app, scroll down to “support” or “Issues - Report an issue”

In the meantime, you can get/set Homey logics with an AVD using flows.

You can use any .svg icon you like,
but the AVD has a huge set of icons to choose from

I see now you mean “mode” as VD device. I never got that working (or don’t understand how it should work).
Yes I’m also Dutch, but the topics in here are language specific. App topics like this one are in English, so Dutch and non-Dutch have access to all the info in here. :upside_down_face:

I’m wondering, why do you trust Google, when you’re concerned about your privacy and security?

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That’s why I keeping these devices off my main network and also restricting their access to the internet to their minimum. (Ubiquity Firewall & PiHole & some other software & hardware pre-cautions).

I use them pure only for TTS (because "someone :face_with_raised_eyebrow: decided to stop to develop their own speech recognition & Text To Speech and also stripped the newest Homey Pro 2023 from the speaker & 3,5 mm audio jack. :man_facepalming: :pleading_face: )

Yep, that is why icreated the google services app, so i dont need google devices in my house.
And i created the still private Watchman app: only when i press a button, it is transcript, i dont have a google listening all the time.
Trully, i understand you pretty well! :wink:

@Arie_J_Godschalk Just to let you know: I can’t upload a custom .svg logo. If I do, it wont appear on the virtual device. If I use the same .svg logo for the Device Capabilities app, it works perfectly.


Send a diagnostic please, so i know your homey and version.



Reading back here from post #500 I have find nothing helpful.

The problem I have the is with my Homey Pro E2023

The only cart that I see in Virtual Devices app is by the Else cards.
Namely: “A virtual device has changed” (Google translate)

Also nothing to see where I can make virtual devices.

Is there need of more info from my site?

Just click “new device” in the Homey app or Web App and then select the Virtual devices app → virtual device.

And else, install the Device Capabilities app and create a Advanced Virtual Device and configure it yourself through the repair menu.

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Thanks @Arie_J_Godschalk.

That was not expected there by me. :blush:

Because I had just found out that I had to be the apps themselves and that took awhile then.
Making a new flow later on, I started by the + left under.
That’s why that pull-down menu was not a place to be any more. Till now. :wink:

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Hi! Thanks for this app, it’s works like a charm! I added my Airco like this. Only thing which not seems to work is that i want to set a value for the fake sensor Power. I tried doing this by a number and by a variabele but both don’t set the value. When testing the flow i get an error as well.


Hey @Axel_Stuiver ,
Well, because where you put in the TAG Vermogen, you need to write the sensor-capability-id.
measure_power i think.
Not put in a tag.

But, a lott of people don’t get this (not that weird in my eyes btw).

So, i have just created a new flowcard:

This one has a dropdown with the capabilities/sensors so you can just pick one:

It’s in test now:


Thanks! Works like a charm using measure_power! Thanks!!

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Can you add virtual valve and sprinkler ? Please.

I am not sure what you mean, there are no capabilities or device-classes for valve and/or sprinklers, those are just custom capabilities which each app that has them defines themself.
Better use the Advanced Virtual Devices from the Device Capabilties app for that, you can create anything you want yourself within one device.

Or please explain or show me a sample of what you would want. :wink:

same here, tried 3 different svg

@Daniel_Weber and @Bram_C ,

I’ll implement the icon upload like it is in the AVD’s from the Device Capabilities app, since there, i do not have this issue.