[APP][Pro] Virtual Devices - Virtual Devices to simulate 1 or more real devices

In the first top field,
you’ll have to enter the capability, alarm_motion, do not pick a tag.
In the second field,
the allowed values are true/false, or a boolean variable/tag like your [Motion alarm]
But there’s a bug with the latter when you use the mobile flow editor (see below the screenshot)

@Arie_J_Godschalk When I use a bool variable instead of entering ‘false’, it errors.
It seems to read true / false as words (string) instead of boolean.

Nevermind, This error below does not occur in the web app flow editor
It is a Homey issue, not your app

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Additional space after the tag? It looks like the error says "false " not “false”.

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Ah, sharp! That would be indeed the “additional added trailing space” bug in variables, in the mobile app flow editor…

Check, in the web app flow editor this works without errors:

Only after saving the flow in the web app, it works in the mobile app:

I just created a ticket @ Athom for this bug.

“alarm_motion false” is working for me, thank you!



Any luck to request an attribute on the sensor device that says “amount” or something? I want to have a virtual device to display a cost since midnight, e.g. 5 without any unit sign on the icon, or even better to be able to choose currency from a lot of countries

Yeah, look at device capabilities app.
The advanced virtual devices.
There are multiple topics for it.

I need a tip, I do have an external application (screenshot below) with a selector of 4 options:

I can sent a HTTP post to change the selection, that’s not the issue. The problem is, I would like to have a virtual device with 4 options where just one can be selected. Does anybody has an idea how I can solve this with homey?

Yeah, but you can better use AVD’s from the Device Capabilities App.

You can solve this in a couple of ways directly right now (Buttons that you enable disable etc).
But the most neat way would be to use a “picker”:

I can create a custom list for you in the DC App:

What i would need from you is a filled JSON with all it’s values, in NL, EN en DU, like this:

      "title": {
        "en": "Schedule, Until, Manual, Off Until, Off"
      "values": [
          "id": "smartschedule",
          "title": {
            "en": "Follow Smart Schedule",
            "nl": "Volg slim schema",
            "de": "Dem intelligenten Zeitplan folgen"
          "id": "untilnextblock",
          "title": {
            "en": "Until next time block",
            "nl": "Tot aan volgend tijdsblok",
            "de": "Bis zum nächsten Zeitblock"
          "id": "manual",
          "title": {
            "en": "Manual",
            "nl": "Handmatig",
            "de": "Manuell"
          "id": "offuntilnextblock",
          "title": {
            "en": "Off until next time block",
            "nl": "Uit tot aan volgend tijdsblok",
            "de": "Aus bis zum nächsten Zeitblock"
          "id": "off",
          "title": {
            "en": "Off",
            "nl": "Uit",
            "de": "Aus"

If you send that to me, with the values etc. that you need, you will be able to select this list as a picker in a Advanced Virtual Device like the picture below.
Please note, the best way is if you give me also the ID’s for each values, the way the values really are (the ones you recieve through the Request). That way, setting them through a flow or using the value (when set through the Homey App) is much easier, you will not need to convert any values.

(This picker can be set through flowcards also ofc.)

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I am not sure if this is a thing that can be done, but I’ll ask it anyway.
We have an old not so smart sauna, but I do want to make it a bit smart. I installed a temperature sensor in it.

So, I have a flow that give me a push when the sauna temperature is a certain degrees higher than the room temperature, to see if it’s on or off.
I also have a push when the sauna reaches its temperature to use it.

For a better overview I would like to have a virtual device that I can turn on and off through that flow I mentioned. And I would like it to show the temperature as indicator on the tile.

Is such a thing possible?


Yeah, but i am not sure if you can with Virtual Devices (this app).

But you can with Advanced Virtual Device from Device Capabilities.

I am not sure of VD can have an onoff AND temperature propertie in one.
AVDs can, im sure, you can make it how you want youself.