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The issues should now have been resolved. Please restart the app.


I have made a diagnostics report and restarted the app today. The message about the license key keep on coming, the same time Homey stops working with Verisure app.

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Thanks for your reply!
Now set up new user (separate e-mail & logon on official verisure site) as administrator. Then removed 2FA and downgraded to limited user rights. Seems to be working steady on Homey now. I will donate asap if I can find my logon credentials for PP, must be 10 years since last time I used it… I will find a way😀

Any chance that cards for lock state change and locked/unlocked by user/method for smart lock will be added?

Thanks for the app. I sent some sponsor money :slight_smile:

The process to create a user account for Homey app needs to be explained better. And the error message when 2FA is active should be much better.

The proces is roughly

  1. Create a new user, with your own phone number but a different email address than your main one. Make this user administrator (you have to confirm etc)
  2. Log out, and log in as the new user. You will choose a password. Choose a very strong password to make up for lack of 2FA.
  3. Deactivate 2FA on this account
  4. Downgrade the user from admin to “Read only”, log out

When deactivating 2FA today, I got the question why, and one of the options was “3rd party integration”. Then they asked several followup questions, what integration, whether I want Verisure to inprove integration etc. See screenshots (Norwegian language):

Your app page links to GitHub https://github.com/norenz92/se.adamnoren.verisure but I think you made the repo private so we cannot report bugs there anymore. Please make it public again. Maybe we could even help you fix some bugs :slight_smile:

Same here.
I have a flow to restart the app every 6 hours. Of course, this is highly undesirable.

I also need to restart the app daily, for it to work. Also have dedicated user.

How do you create a flow that restarts an app?

Turn on Power user in the setting at the Homey app.
Homey app, more, settings, experimental, power user.
IF app has crashed
THEN Restart app …

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The crash/restart issues has been addressed and fixed in 3.4.5.

Any ETA on 2FA security integration?

Even after update to 3.4.5 and one manual restart and a daily restart the app stopped responding to my Doorman. fd600728-bfd3-4006-b757-22dcaa34aedf

After manual restart it functions again… dbaff2e3-ee49-4937-ab0d-f556ad0c8c39

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Same for me, app crashes after a day.

Same here. 5dfce6bb-c4b0-4dd5-b9d6-7a927afbbfb3

It is not enough to have a automatic restart of the app every night. Today the app stopped after 10 hours.

My app is not working, version 3.4.5.
Tried to restart the app now, getting timeout🤔

The app needs some works but it is in great shape for someone just making it on there spare time.

New test version is out, where I addressed a few issues causing the app to crash. Hopefully that will solve it for the majority of you.

Mostly Verisure homey app is not responding on armed/disarmed alarm status.
When manual app reboot, status changed ok directly.

How is this possible?