Verisure, Smart Plug and How Devices Appear in Home

Hi, I am very new to Homey, testing it to see if I can dismantle the Homebridge server I have been using for a long time (HomeKit is my main automation platform). I have quite a few Verisure devices and was very happy to see the Verisure app for Homey. Having set it up successfully, I do have a couple of questions though:

  • When accessing the Verisure devices in the Home app through Homebridge (using this plugin), the devices show up differently from via Homey. In Homey, all smoke detectors, siren, door sensors, etc. show up as motion sensors and I must go into the detailed settings of the device to see the status/temperature/etc. Via Homebridge, smoke detectors appears as two items; one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor, and both show the current value on the front screen/room view, while a door sensor shows up as a contact sensor and the status is displayed by the icon. Is there any way to have this happen though Homey?

  • I saw from posts in the old form that someone asked about the Verisure smart plug. I also have one of those (as well as the more curious mouse detector). Both are supported by the Homebridge plugin, but now by Homey. Is there any way I can contribute to these being supported?