[App][Pro] Tuya Cloud

The notifications are sent by Simple Log, as shown by the icon.
From the actual notification text, that is data from the trigger “When text/number event received”

and you connected it with either the 2nd or the 3rd Simple Log action cards shown below.
You’d want to use the first card to have it log to Simple Log only:


There’s no pushed stable update since July 8th '23, you can check it in the changelog @ app store:

Also, auto-updated apps is not a hidden action, it sends notifications to your timeline.

My bad! It was a flow actually… Never thought about it anymore haha. Probably in the beginning testing something. It never worked for some reason, until recently became active.

Deleted the flow now, all sorted. Many thanks, it was indeed a flow based on Tuya Cloud when a text is received…

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Happens to me as well, in fact, often errors are your own: Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hint: add the actual flow name to Simple log cards (and other notification cards!)

I use the field app/group field of this card

Flow name: ‘Device unavailable’

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Goedemorgen, is er iemand die deze luchtvochtigheidssensor van Tuya (wifi) heeft kunnen toevoegen?

alvast bedankt en een zonnig weekend gewenst

Only a picture won’t really get you very far @Roland_Twilt I think it’s best to share a link to the product info and specs.

Goed idee;

Thx. That’s a Bluetooth soil moisture sensor.
I think it works best via a BT/wifi gateway, such as this one:


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I’m using a LSC (tuya based) camera with pan and tilt, would someone know if it is possible to add the camera and at least read out the movement detecting OR even better pan/tilt movement by homey?

As for now it’s not possible to add a camera in this app but would be great if there a decent work around

When it supports ONVIF → I recommend this app: [APP][Pro] Support for ONVIF compatible cameras (Release 2.0.41)

You can request for camera support for the new Tuya app, if it ain’t requested yet, here

App download:

I’ve actually had to stop using this app, because I need to restart it basically every single day to keep my switches working.

Is there a flow where I can ask the app to restart?

You can restart an app when one of its devices got unavailable:

You can use an ‘every x minutes’ trigger, or the “when device y becomes unavailable” trigger from the Device Capabilities app.

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Hi, sorry for probably silly question, is a wall mounted thermostat (controls radiators and floor heating) falls into „thermostat” category of tuya devices which can be installed on homey using tuya app? I am completely new to homey so please do excuse me if this question has already been asked… I attach a picture of the device I am writing about…

Hello Jurek, and welcome.

Yes. Just try adding the thermostat with any of the 4 different device types to see if it gets recognised. Start with ‘Thermostat’. Nothing’s gonna break.

If it doesn’t get recognised, search the 1st post for the workarounds ‘tap-to-run’ and ‘RAW commands’

Thanks so much. Will give it a try. :blush: