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Hi fellow Homeys,

It has been asked before, but that has been a while. Is it still not possible with this app to add or change the color of a led strip connected to a Tuya led controller?

Thanks for your answers?



I guess you can change everything by calling upon (tap-to-run) automation tasks…

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Hi @Dennis_van_Dinter, sadly it’s still not possible. But you could use scenes in flows in combination with tap-to-run as @Hannes85 mentioned.

Thank you both!

Hi everyone,

I just added my device via the smart life app. It worked the first few minutes via Homey. Could switch it on and off.

When I just opened Homey (15 minutes later or so) I noticed an exclamation mark, pressing on the device it gives an error device temporary unavailable… Any ideas?

The plug still works via the smart life app. The plug is like 2 meters away from my WiFi mesh netwerk…
I also tried to readd it… Same thing happend. Works for the first minutes then it stops

I am using the Deltaco SH-P01E but cannot get the energyreadings in Homey. it works in the Tuya app but the info is not transfered to Homey.
Could this be solved ? or have I done something wrong when setting the things up ?

Hello everybody,

My Tuya cloud app is frequently crashing for a few weeks now.
Are there more people with this problem?

Yes, same here. restart app fixes it for a day but then it starts all over again. Can i revert to previous version or try a new beta to see if that impoves it?

I have to look at the unstable problem, please send crash report when you encounter it.

Hi Jurgen, i created a diagnostic report when in crashed state before restart app:

Also created one after a restart, app in working state:

Hello Jurgen,

Here is mine.

@runner780 and @Hugo, I have received the reports. There is a new version in test channel. I have added more logging and hopefully a fix for the crashes. If you still encounter the crashes, please create new crash reports.

Hi Jurgen,

installed the test version and gonna try it for some days. hope issues will be resolved now. Thanks for the speedy response. i’ll keep you posted.

Me too!

I’m sorry Jurgen,

Again, my app crashed.
Send you the crashreport.

Received report, have to investigate further. It’s strange and unexpected.

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Same here Jurgen, with v0.0.9 installed.

after crash before restart: fb732237-7941-4f04-ba47-bef40d26e356
After restart (all ok) : 1c0ab99e-478e-4113-9add-e67baa2280db

There is a new version in test channel. In both crash reports, there is a strange error coming from the cloud API instead of a status message. This resulted in a crash, despite the error handling already in place. I changed the error handling and hopefully this fixes the crash. It’s hard to find because my version is stable and I’ve never seen the error before. If you are still seeing the crashes, please create new crash reports.

Ok installed and testing.

Sorry Jurgen, still no succes. Report before restart app and after. 9e61b9d2-c34b-469a-9ae3-5b2dc14672c6 and 0552ddf9-c18a-427c-85a4-365eeb2536e9 hope you’ll find a fix soon. All the effort is really appreciated.