[APP][Pro] Tank Level Meter TF-FT002

Crystal clear !
Thx for the feed back

@Delodur many thx 4 your kind donation! :beers:

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good evening, could you send me the value of this component that is marked in red please

Both look like power regulators, but it’s impossible to say for certain (let alone state what type of power regulator) since I don’t see any markings on them in the photo where they aren’t blown up.

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:joy: buying a new device is probably easier and maybe even cheaper. But repairing is probably more sustainable.

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Unfortunately seems the photo I have taken in 2021 (see this thread) do not have sufficient quality:-( I even checked my gallery…anyway, if those are voltage regulators, as Robert mentioned , I’m afraid just replacing them might be not enough…that just happened on batteries?

FYI, this is how LM 1117 looks like…