[APP][Pro] Tank Level Meter TF-FT002

That’s why I did the coating…

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new version coming up 1.3.1: Wireless Tank Level Meter | Homey

  • stability improvements

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the work done. I just bought a bridge to extend the 433MHz range and unfortunately it doesn’t work. I have the impression that the discovery is only carried out by Homey Pro and not with the bridge, so I would like to know if it would be possible to develop the Homey choice function depending on the probe. Note that I have a second probe which works very well because it is next to the homey pro. thanks in advance.

1\ Can you share which one - manufacturer, link, type etc. ?
2\ Does the original display pickup the signal at the location of Homey ?
3\ What’s in the log, maybe try to share them…

4\ You mean you have two TF-FT002 devices ?

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This is the homebridge that I want to use as an extender. The main screen captures the signal from the probe where homey is located. Actually I have two TF-FT002s. the first is in part of the garden and the homey pro picks it up and the second is on the other side, that’s why I bought a homey bridge to put it in satellite mode. I have already used this function with Somfy in RTS.

I dont have a bridge myself, so cannot develop or test with it.
If it is important for you, you could donate a bridge to me. But before you do check this info. It states 433mhz can only be transmitted from a bridge. But the tf-ft002 needs to be received. So my guess is it will not work on a homey bridge in satellite mode.

Robin, would you know if anything has to be enabled in the app ?

Homey Bridge can also act as a transmitter for your Infrared and 433 MHz devices. You can choose per-device whether to use Homey Pro itself, or one of your Homey Bridges as antenna.

While for IR devices, I see this option, I don’t for TF-FT002

But it needs to receive, not transmit :wink:

Ou, I thought it’s transmitting both ways , so that’s a bummer :rofl: I guess they would then describe it as transceiver ;-( … Make sense then. It’s a pity, because for ZWAVE it’s capable of both (repeater).

So mine died now as well ;-( Also the ultrasonic sensor not returning any data, after 4 years of operations.
I wonder if anyone has any success with replacement of ultrasonic sensor?

“400PT160 Manufactured by PROWAVE”

good morning,
I changed the sensor.
Unfortunately the device still didn’t work afterwards. :man_shrugging:t2: :roll_eyes:

I now use the “Oilfox”, the oilfox is based on an esp32.
Unfortunately the app is no longer being developed further.
I get the fill levels via the Android-App and also with IOBroker/Grafana.


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Thank you, I was not table to find those details. I have ordered new TF-FT002 in the meantime (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005297061218.html) , will try to do some search on 400PT160 sensor and will reply back here on whether or not that worked for me. After all, it’s quite cheap device, it worked for me 4 years and Gruijter did fantastic job on this app, so would like to stay here :wink:

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I hope it’s the right type, but I haven’t found anyone else that would fit.

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does the app work well??

I don’t know how Gruijter did that but it’s / was the most reliable sensor for me, despite of location like 1,5 m below the surface. Considering the technology behind, 433 MHz, it’s fantastic. The only part which is unfortunate is the need/missing capability to repair device, when changing batteries, which change the device ID…

Repair is possible with a trick: select ‘ignore sensor id’ in the settings. Make sure no other sensors are received by Homey (move your Homey so only your new sensor is in range). Wait a few minutes for the new ID to be received. Then switch ‘ignore sensor id’ to off.

Now your new ID is coupled with the existing Homey device. No history lost :wink:

Yeah but I can’t do that, neighbor has the same sensor in the range :slight_smile:

Then it comes down to good timing when inserting the battery. Your neighbour has a 3 minute gap between transmissions.

Well, but by ignoring ID, I will be getting mixed signals, right. Anyway, already “living with it”, so that’s fine. But you did great job on processing the signals correctly, well done really

Not if you switch it off again at the right moment…

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