[APP][Pro] Tank Level Meter TF-FT002

Aha, now I understand ! :slight_smile:

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So I changed mine and seems we are back in operations. I kept all original pieces in place, including “white textil/paper grid” ? at the bottom of the sensor. It’s important to keep the right polarity, from the forum @Friedhofsblond shared, it’s mentioned.
I have ordered from Poland, cheaper then Aliexpress…

That trick worked for me - thank you :+1:, I was first getting the one from neighbor, later mine, so I just enabled back Not to ignore the ID. Just a pity logs do not help much when trying to catch the right one or even interpret/check the data being recorded, eg. out of range etc. Would be nice to see also measured data… maybe instead of “shifting payload”, it could be showing recorded data - just an idea.


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The ultrasonic sensors should be cleaned once a year.
You have to do that with the Oilfox too.