[APP][Pro] Misol and Ecowitt (Release 0.1.39, Test 0.1.40 )

I have created an app to support a range of Misol and Ecowitt sensors, including the:

  • Soil moisture sensor (up to 8 channels),
  • Lightning detector,
  • PM10 and CO2 5 in 1 meter,
  • PM2.5 meter,
  • Weather station.
  • PM32, temperature and humidity meter (up to 8 channels).
  • WH55 Wireless Water Leak Detection Sensor (up to 4 channels).
  • WN30 temperature sensor (up to 8 channels).

The app can also support multiple Gateways.

The app is available now in the Homey Community Store Homey Community Store and the Athom store Misol App for Homey | Homey

The app works with the Misol Gateway https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000852618353.html and the Misol Soil Moisture sensor https://www.aliexpress.com/i/33056433752.html

Please make sure the radio frequency of the gateway and devices match as there are 3 variations for different parts of the world.

To configure the gateway you will need the WS View or Ecowitt app on your phone. In the apps Weather Services, select the Customized option and set the:

  • “Protocol Type” to “Same As Ecowitt”

  • “Server IP / Hostname” to the IP address of your Homey

  • “Path” remains as “/data/report”

  • “Port” set to “7777” (this can be changed if required but the Homey app will need to be configured to match)

  • “Upload Interval” set to 16

Note: As an alternative to entering Homey’s ip address you could also add it as a local url in the form http://homey-<id>.local where <id> is Homey’s cloud ID. Also notice the ‘-’ between homey and <id> as easy to miss that hidden away in there. Using this method allows for Homey’s IP to change.

Then save the settings.

The gateway should start pushing data to Homey.

Note: The communications between Homey and the gateway is over the local network so no internet connection is required. Data is pushed to Homey every 16 seconds, which is about the rate of the fastest sensor transmission rate so there is no noticeable lag.
Also the gateway can probably be located in a more convenient location than Homey so eliminate range issues of a direct connection to Homey using the radio.

Once the app has received the first packet you will be able to add the gateway device and soil moisture sensors, etc. Each gateway can handle 8 soil moisture sensors, 5 PM2.5 sensors, 1 lighting detector and one weather station, but you can also add multiple gateways.

The gateway also provides temperature, humidity and pressure data from it’s own sensors located on the short, black, cable.

Note: There are 3 version of the devices and gateways that work on different frequencies. Make sure the device and gateway frequencies are the same, e.g. all 433Mhz or all 868Mhz, etc.

Version Log

  • 0.1.0
    Initial release with support for the Gateway and Soil Moisture Sensors.

  • 0.1.1
    Add support for PM2.5 meters

  • 0.1.2
    Added Lightning Detector and Weather Station

  • 0.1.3
    Added Insights option to custom capabilities.

  • 0.1.4
    Added flow trigger for Air Quality changed.
    Fixed issue with settings not saving.
    Added logging to confirm server has started / show errors.

  • 0.1.5
    Updated battery percentage calculation for the soil moisture sensor and added an option to specify if the battery is type rechargeable.

  • 0.1.6
    Max. number of Soil Moisture meters is now 8.
    Time format of lightning strike can now be selected in the device Advanced settings.
    Lightning distance units fixed.
    Lightning flows fixed

  • 0.1.7
    Added the PM10 and CO2 5 in 1 meter.

  • 0.1.8
    Added PM32, temperature and humidity meter.

  • 0.1.9
    Fix links to store images for temperature and humidity monitor.

  • 0.1.10
    Removed cloud tag that was accidentals added in lat submission.

  • 0.1.11
    Added support for multiple temperature and humidity monitor (up to 8 channels).

  • 0.1.12
    Added support for WH55 Wireless Water Leak Detection Sensor (up to 4 channels) and the WN30 temperature sensor (up to 8 channels).

  • 0.1.13
    Fixed images for WH55 and WN30.

  • 1.1.14
    Added extra value range checks.

  • 1.1.15
    Added rain sensor.
    Cleaned up Flow triggers.

  • 1.1.16
    Fixed image for rain sensor

  • 0.1.17
    Fixed incorrect trigger call for PM25 device

  • 0.1.18
    Fixed issue with PM10 device

  • 0.1.19
    Added WS80 support.
    Changed weather stations to sensor class so a capability can be shown on the tile.

  • 0.1.20
    Fixed path to store image for WS80.

  • 0.1.21 & 0.1.22
    Change the weather station and WS80 to use baromrelin (corrected) instead of baromabsin (absolute).

  • 0.1.23
    Added number of hours since last rained with associated flow cards

  • 0.1.24
    Removed redundant Air Quality Index Flow trigger cards

  • 0.1.25
    Added Water Temperature device (WN34).

  • 0.1.24
    Removed redundant Air Quality Index Flow trigger cards.

  • 0.1.25
    Added Water Temperature device (WN34).

  • 0.1.26
    Updated Water Temperature icon.

  • 0.1.27
    Fix typo in function name for triggerAQPM25AvgChanged.

  • 0.1.28
    Fix rain data for WS90.

  • 0.1.29
    Fix battery information for WS90.

  • 0.1.30
    Added option to change App wind units.
    Added Wind Direction (N, NW, etc).
    Added support for Ambient Weather format data.

  • 0.0.31
    Fix ‘Max. Gust Strength’ name being changed to ‘Gust Strength’ when units are changed.

  • 0.1.32
    Dutch translations.

  • 0.1.33
    Added support for HP10 camera.

  • 0.1.34
    Fix Dew Point calculation.
    Added Luminance to weather station.

  • 0.1.35
    Fix for custom wind speed units text when a device is added after the units are changed.

  • 0.1.36
    Added Station ID and Station type to device settings so it is easier to identify.

  • 0.1.37
    Fix Math.fabs issue.

  • 0.1.38
    Fix dd not defined issue.

  • 0.1.39
    Added mph option for window speed.

  • 0.1.40
    Changed the gateway class to sensor so it appears in the Climate section of Homey.


Can the sensors also being used outside?

I can’t find any official IP rating so I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it should be OK. I have only just put mine outside so too soon to say if it will survive.
Luckily they are cheap, so if it does succumb to the elements then I will buy another one and add some extra protection. I was thinking of a rubber glove, using just the thumb and first finger, to put over the unit, or just put a pot over it.

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Yes great idea.

I have ordered more components to add to the gateway so hopefull in a month or so when they arrive I will be able to add support for:

and the PM2.5 sensor

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Hello Adrian,
I can see from web that devices are communicating via 433 MHz RF frequency. Have you tried to bypass gateway and read device values directly?

I have, but I couldn’t get a decent sample of the signal so I have no idea what the format is.
As the bridge is so cheap I didn’t consider it worth spending too much time on it.
Also, when the sensors are in my garden, they are too far away from Homey to receive any signal.

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Just to confirm I have had theses sensors outside in some pretty bad weather for a few weeks now and they are fine. I’m fairly sure they are designed for outdoor use.


Mine are ordered. I hope they work.


Looks OK. I’m not what the relationship is between misol and ecowitt but I’m pretty sure they are the same products.

Hi Adrian,
I added the ecowitt.
It works really great.
Thanks a lot. I am searching so long time for a cheap soil moisture sensor.

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I received my gateway and lightning detector today and have connected it to Homey
Now I just need some lightning to test if it is working :slight_smile:
Are there a way to activate “fool” the lightning detector for testing?

Not that I know of.
We had a close storm the day before my lightning detector arrived but nothing since, so still not sure if mine is working.
I never thought I would see the day I wanted lightning in my area :rofl:

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Got the first lightning today :slight_smile:
Lightning time is show as unix timestamp, could you convert it

Ah, OK, no problem. I’m on holiday this week so it will be on Sunday.
I’m still waiting but it keeps just missing us.

No problem, have a nice holiday

Another thing
The and card “lightning distance is less then” shouldent “%” have been Km.?

I do not know how to test my flow as it is only possible to write lightning strike no.
I think we also need to write distance to test it :slight_smile:

You’re right. I think it is probably just a typo but I will check that as well.

Another thing, sorry :slight_smile:
The flowcard “number of lightning strikes changed” are not working
I made this simple log, but nothing is recorded, even there has been a lot of lightning strikes

Ok, I will add it to the list. Hopefully I will get some lightning to be able to test it :wink:

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Fixed in new test version

Fixed in new test version

I have no control over that unfortunately as it is built in to the Homey core.

Fixed in new test version.

Edit: Existing flows might need to be fixed as I had to make some changes to prevent clashes with the new standard flows.