Ambient Weather Station

Hi. Have anyone been able to get an Ambient Weather Station (mine is a WS-5000) pairred to Homey, either direct or by a service like Wundergroud? Using the app Weather Undergroud with a WU API don’t work, but the WS-5000 is also not mentioned as supported.


Can you see data from your weather station in the WU web site?
Error 204 means that your station is not publishing data to WU.

I’m not sure if you can connect the station direct to Homey.
I have a Ventus W830. I think it is almost the same as the WS-5000.

I upload my data from the weather station to Weatherunderground.
You need to have a PWS (personal Weather Station) ID for your own station.
You can create one via the following link: Sign Up | Weather Underground)
You can access the data via:<WeatherStationId>
Replace <WeatherStationId> with your station ID.

Next you can install the homey app “Weather Underground”.
When the app is installed, you can add a new Homey device for “Weather Underground”.
Here you can select 2 type of devices “Weatherstation” and “WeatherForecast”.
When adding a device, you have to enter your StationID and also your API key.
The API key can be fetched in your member settings when logged in to your Weatherunderground account.

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Thanx for taking time to answer me.
The error was that I had entered the name of the WS, NOT the Station ID.
Now I’m getting data from WU into Homey, UNFORTUNATELY only the “common” sensors that is exported from the Ambient Weather site, or is imported/allowed by the WU.
My indoor temp. and extra sensors as temp, moist and airquality is not shown, they are also not shown at the WU page.
I know this is not a Homey question, but does anyone know if it is possible to get those sensors shown somehow, either at WU or in Homey.


Glad to hear you found the problem.
Unfortunately, the WU API has a fixed list of values it supports so I can’t show any of the extra sensors.

The extra sensors on their web site look like the Ecowitt / Misol sensors. I have an app for those brands that use a local connection Misol and Ecowitt App for Homey | Homey
Setup instructions are here [APP][Pro]Misol and Ecowitt. (version 0.1.5 and test 0.1.7 ). You could look at that to see if anything is familiar in your WS setup.

The web site also mentions an API but I can’t find any details. If you can get a link to their API documents than I will be happy to take a look.

Edit: A quote from HA app page:

This integration communicates with Ambient Weather PWS units via the Ambient Weather Cloud. Users wishing to explore a local option are encouraged to explore the Ecowitt GW1000, a small device that is able to read RF signals directly from the PWS and transmit them to a variety of other applications

The Misol and Ecowitt app supports the GW1000. Maybe if you get one of those you can pair the sensors to it. I’m not sure if a sensor can be paired to more than one receiver but if they are just sending data then there is a good chance it will work.

The link to the GW1000 is broken as it has been replaced by the GW1100 ECOWITT Welcome to Ecowitt! which is also supported by the Misol and Ecowitt app.
If you do get one to try that approach make sure you get the correct frequency for the devices you already have.

Thank you so much for info/time.
I have tried the Misol/Ecowitt for Homey, no luck. I think that Ambient Weather locks their devices. I read somewhere that Ambient can read Ecowitts devices, Ecowitt cannot read Ambients devices, due to “the lock”. I should have bought Ecowitt…
I’m really happy for the WS-5000, but I’m so tired of all the Ninja tricks that is required to get things integrated, and that is not only a problem for the Weather Stations.
I hope that someone, some day, will make an Ambient Weather App for Homey that will let me get ALL my sensors into Homey. Unfortunately I’m not able to do that.
I’m in contact with Ambient Weather, and they tell me that they offer a REST API, god knows what that is, that might help.

Have a nice day.

Could you get a link to the API documents as the link on their site is broken. It looks like it has a similar method of obtaining the connection keys as WU.
I could at least let you know if it can access all the data and if it is similar to the WU API I might be able to incorporate it.

I don’t know if this is what you mean, but in my eyes is could have something to do with integration/extracting data.


That is indeed the correct document. It looks like a nice interface and I’m tempted to get one of there weather stations just so I can play with it :wink:
I can’t see however that it supports the extra devices like the lightning detectors, etc. So I’m not sure it helps you gain anything more than using WU.

You are really passionated regarding this stuff :slight_smile:
I have made my dashboard public at this URL:
And it shows ALL sensors (indoor, outdoor and extra sensors).
When making the AW dashboard public, it defaults to outside data, but I have the ability to choose ALL data, which I have done.
The extra added sensors are:
PM 2.5 Indoor - inside air quality sensor
Soil 1 - Soil moisture sensor in my Greenhouse (it’s ridiculously large)
Ude - Hoveddør - Outside, front door
Fryser - Inside my freezer (temp sensor with probe)
Sensor 4 - Outside temp, well inside my Greenhouse

I have asked AW about their “REST API”, but they have not yet responded.

Have a nice evening


This is my setup:
1 x
1 x StackPath
2 x
1 x StackPath
1 x StackPath

I have some more temp sensors but they are not yet connected. I’m planning on a lightning sensor.

I have now installed Adrians brand new Ambient Weather app, included my station and all my sensors. It works like a charm and looks good.

THANK you Adrian for a super job - I had never been able to do that.

Also thanx for pointing me to the HCS


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Hi Kurt
do you know, are all Amient Weather stations supported? I’m lookig at the WS 2902

And I found on the Internet similar products such as the WiFi-Wetterstation WeatherScreen PRO – dnt Innovation GmbH which look like excat the same product. Somehow I couldn’t find the Amient Wather here in Switzerland

It should work with all the Ambient Weather Stations that report to the Ambient Weather Network.

That one does report to the Ambient Weather Network so is compatible with this app.

I think that is possibly the same hardware but with different firmware and it doesn’t appear to report to the Ambient Weather Network so I don’t think it is compatible with this app.
However, It looks like it might be compatible with my Misol / EcoWitt app by configuring the custom interface option. See starting at the bottom of page 35.
It will also work via my Weather Underground app but that will not work with all the external sensors as their API doesn’t report that data.

Hi Adrian
Many thanks for this comprehensive Answer. I will look into the dnt station but most likely try to organize the Amitent Weather station on Amazon

I purchased my Ambient WS500 direct from the Ambient website and they delivered it to the UK.
The price they quoted once I selected my country included all taxes and duties so I knew exactly what I was paying.

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Perfect, I’ll do that then as well. Let it deliver probably to Germany and pick it up there as the Swiss customs are sometimes a bit crazy with their fees

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Hi Daniel.
Sorry for getting back to you so late.
I can see that Adrian have answered you, and in a much better way taht I could have done.
I also bought directly from Ambient website - had a bill from Danish custom though, so my toll was not inluded.
Have a nice day, and some nice weather.