[APP][Pro] sysInternals - Shows Homey’s System Internals

I have seen it only a couple of times during testing, but it looks like a issue in Homey that it sometimes just doesn’t return all info.
I request :


but if it is resolved, I expect everything not sometimes a part and missing the CPUs

I need it to determine the # of Cores:


Can you send a Report when that happens again?
I don’t want to assume 1 Core if the correct info is missing :wink:

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thank you - this didn’t help ?

Ah, sorry I forgot,
The app was a result of the Issues with the CPU / PowerAdapter communicated by Athom.
I found that the app was reporting a lot Crashes, So I first fixed that.
Now it look more stable, I can go further

Your report shows first perfect the rc.69 and the number of CPUs

cpus: […

but also:

videoCoreUndervoltageOccured: true,
videoCoreThrottleOccured: true,

So let’s wait what happens if your Adapter is changed, with the new Firmwares, and new App Version .
I will keep an eye on it.

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Actually I do have new adapter and see no undervoltage errors…let me provide you later with new diag when it happens again. It usually happens right after reboot and did not fix automatically, just app redtart fixes it. Anyway, thank you for reply !

Many many thanks for the great app! Just removed the device and re-added. Now storage is included :+1::muscle::+1:

I think that I found a small bug;
After every reboot of homey, the ‘status indicator’ is switching back from ‘load average 15m%’ or ‘free RAM in %’ (my choice) back to ‘all alarms’. Is it possible to save this setting for a reboot?

Many thanks again for making this app!

It should be saved automatically (I can’t change that) but I had to change this capability one internally once.
Should be saved from then again. Else please always specify the Homey Model and/or send a Log and mention it or PM the Log-Id.

It is a really useful app! Already tweaked a lot of flows with insight of this app :+1::+1:

Small things I found:

  1. Smart indicator. Whatever I do, a reboot of homey set this back to ‘alarms occulted’. Maybe an issue with just my homey? It is also not possible for me to add devices on my iOS Homey app. It is possible in the web interface. (Already reported to Athom).
  2. System storage remains empty. But I think that That info is still ‘in work’?
  3. Load of app is higher in latest test version. If see it right, the refresh rate is now higher?

Many thanks for the great app!!
Debug info: 7849715f-b316-4d77-be00-d6be0564174e

@Dijker Same status indicator issue here: 6ff478e7-19ac-4c47-badb-efc72f95343b

In the WebUI it reverts to “Temperature”, while in the Android App I see “Alarm” after an app restart?

Before restart (selected “Load average 1m” from App):

After in WebUI:

Appreciate the app!

BTW: Would it be possible to make the CPU Alarm duration configurable? I noticed yesterday that it was still active after many hours.

@JeeHaa @Ranney I have no influence on the status indicator, I create a Device with multiple sensors and everything else is in the Core of Homey and in the Mobile App. I also see issue’s (other issues) and reported them to Athom.
Please also report these problems to Athom as I can’t fix these.

System storage is only checked ~ once a hour (on 4 Core Homey’s, for 2 cores 2h and for 1 Core 4h) but I disables it for Older Homey’s as it never worked. I now have reported it to Athom as it also stopped for me on the Homey Pro (Early 2023) while it has worked a couple of days. Looks like it takes to much time an times out if you add Apps to your homey.

So Work in progress.

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Nope, look at the https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/system
Athom created the videoCore*Occured and these are only reset at Reboot of Homey.

The other one’s are flipping but as I need to poll I could miss them, the *Occured are for now more reliable to alarm on.

No problem and many thanks for your time and help! It is a really great app!

I will make an report to Athom for the status indicator setting :+1:

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New version in Test:
Adding two extra functions to the app:

When Homey Pro (Early 2023) is low on memory, Less than 20% free it adds a Timeline notification!

Athom decided to prevent extra Apps starting if less than 10% memory is free, (see Homey Pro (Early 2023) Changelog | Homey )

v10.0.0-rc.76 image

  • Added safeguards to prevent starting an app when there’s not enough free memory.

Like the UnderVoltage I think you should know once you are in the danger zone. I will look if I can make it a configurable threshold. But the new Homey’s behave different than the classic one’s regarding memory!

Restart trigger

sysInternals now tries to detect a Homey restart (all local models). Once it detects it, it will set a indicator Restarted to YES!
Beside it Shows a different view as indicator (~2 days ago vs 44.34 hours ) it is reset when all Apps are running (or after 300 Seconds).
There are two triggers,
Where the PowerUser Trigger Homey Restarted triggers often before all Apps are available and Flows fail, the sysInternals triggers guarantee systInterals is running and all other Apps are running.

With three flows on a timeline it shows (depending on # of Apps that need to start After sysInternals):
If after 300 seconds still not all Enabled Apps are Ready you will find [notReadyApps] > 0;

Please send me a Log if you find strange things, trying to detect the restart reliable and not to trigger on App restarts or App upgrades :wink:


I requested this trigger at Athom and now you impleted it :+1:
That’s a long needed trigger to restart HA Hub or Heating scheduler after the Homey restart because both apps are missing not yet available devices on restart. Many thanks :hugs:


Is the warning Alarm Occured UnderVoltage Alarm something to worry about?
It goes on and off random.

I allready use a better power adapter: 45W Power Adapter | Smartphone Accessoires| Samsung NL

45 watt 5 volt usb-c.

Yes, the Clock probably goes down to ~600 Mhz where with a 5 Volt at Homey’s CPU self it will run most of the time 1500Mhz. (And that low frequency slows down Homey ~ 2 to 2,5 times )

Bad Cables or connectors drop easily 0,15 to 0,25 Volt (Shows a USB Analyzer)
If a USB (A or C) provides ~5.25 Volt at max 10 Watt (~ 1800- 2000mA) that still provides 5.01 Volt at Homey internal. (at the CM4 module)

Homey doesn’t need more than ~ 0,85 A for 98% of the time (Shows the USB Analyzer…) even with the Ethernet Adapter. So everything higher rated than 10 Watt isn’t functional. Only during a Restart I have seen a short ~ 1.090 A less than 5 seconds.

Also read the other Post:

But Dutch saying: Meten is Weten :wink:

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But do all users with a Homey Pro 2023 suffer from this?
You will only see this CPU problem if you have installed Sysinternals.
Am I at risk if I continue to use the Homey until I have received the correct adapter from Athom/Homey?

If this were a serious problem, Athom should still advise users not to use the Homey Pro 2023 without the correct adapter.

No technical this is the protection from the Raspberry PI to keep running slow. But a low voltage will not damage the electronics.

Only al kinds of vague issues in the application can be related to the underperformance.

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Really great release with more options!

Is it a lot of work to make the ‘alarm’ (time line event) for low RAM configurable? I’ve got a timeline with a lot of these messages. I’ve done some research. 245MB free ram is enough for a stable Homey (only for making a cloud backup more free ram is needed). But to maintain 245 my free ram, I have 7 apps disabled (I had on my old homey 7 more apps running). But if I do want to stay on >20% free ram, my homey is useless (I need to close another 6 apps).