[APP][Pro] sysInternals - Shows Homey’s System Internals

no it does not.

The app shows the three values for each minute range like in developer.

But the loadavg on top shows the double value in developer.

App 33% 1 minute
dev 0.66x100%=66% 1 minute

it also is my older one :wink: I thought you was referring to meters / core :wink:

but you are correct,
as on a 2 Core CPU a Linux load of 2 => 100% for the CPU for 2 Cores, I divide it thru the # of cores,
else it report’s 100% on 1 and that is logical for a single Core and /or for a Linux guy.

If a Homey Pro (2Core) user see’s 150% he/she probably thinks homey is overloaded while that isn’t true.

Maybe it is strange as this can still lead to 150% Load in the interface when it is overloaded. But I think this is better to understand for Homey users than the decimal notation Linux uses for processes independent of the number of cores.


Is it actually possible to reset videoCoreUndervoltageOccured, the red triangle is blinking permanently. videoCoreUnderVoltageCurrently is currently false. Also tried to reboot.

Only by reboot,
I reset it at the (re)start of the App, but look at the state of videoCoreUndervoltageOccured in Homey Developer Tools
Guess that one is also true?

I agree and must admit that I did not know the exact definition of cpu load on Unix/Linux systems. As most homey users probably don’t know it either :wink:

Thx for the link!


@Dijker testing the latest version on HP2023 - the previous device got broken, so I removed it and add again - seems I don’t see CPU Cores and Total Memory… uptime works nice :wink: Btw, seems it’s not usable as trigger in the flows ? Just tested quickly.
If it helps - diag. 0315cea7-562b-4870-b9a5-323428395e9b

update taking back, it just took some time :wink:

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It seems that videoCoreUndervoltageOccured stays true, even after reboot…therefore i observed the developer tools page during reboot and recognized that in my case, videoCoreUnderVoltageCurrently is true for some seconds after reboot, probably by high system load during reboot, and then switch to false.

Well, that is an eyeopener to me.
I was also wondering why your app showed half of my systemload figures.
My Homey often seem to go over 200 - 300 %, but the ball is still bright white, not red(hot) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I should devide those numbers by 2 then (with a 2-core white ball that is).


This just means that videoCoreUndervoltageOccured becomes true during bootup, before the developer page can even get the information from Homey Pro before it turn true.
Try replacing the power supply for a better one where a underVoltage doesn’t occur, even during bootup.
They both should stay false at all times.

videoCoreUndervoltageOccured = as soon as it happens it turns true and stays true until reboot
videoCoreUnderVoltageCurrently = as soon as it happens it turns true but goes back to false when the voltage is high enough again and back to true if the load gets high enough to drop the voltage.

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Athom confirmed it (videoCoreUndervoltageOccured) is only reset during boot,

@Dijker so unfortunately seems there is some problem when I restart Homey Pro 2023 - it works until I restart, then I get error : Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘cpus’) - diag. c3912b45-4874-470f-93dd-c09db1e1a7bb - when I manually restart app, few minutes later (last attempt after 30min…), it’s okay. Thank you.

@Dijker what do you think, is it possible to add system storage also to the app? It would be nice if I can see this value also in insights!


There was just an update. I think something went wrong :flushed:

v0.3.12 hier en bij een 2-core cpu ziet het er nog goed uit :hugs:
Wat staat er bij loadavg op deze pagina, Ria?

yep Sorry.
This Update was not prefect if you look to longer time CPU usage.
Fixed in v.0.3.12 probably next update even better.
Special the 1 Core was exceptional overloaded.

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For Homeys Pre 2023 this is not possible, technical it should be but it takes to much resources and time’s-out. For newer Homey’s I am looking at it.

Nice, would be great! Maybe that it can calculate the remaining space once a day if that reduce the load on homey 2023? On a set time maybe? Thanks for your time!

Updated the App to v0.4.1 Currently in Testing !

Had to refactor some things from the start and that will break two insights,
Please manual remove the Hours (no Uptime Hours replaces that) The new Uptime Hours will grow further and provides Triggers and Logic.
See the Old Graph that flattens and you need to remove manual.
See The two logic cards as Example you can use. (Also on the Classic Homey Pro’s)

The Other is Free Memory - Both have the same name but where different between older Homey’s and the New Homey Pro (Early 2023). Now in my app they are the same again :wink:

I Also added LAN and WiFi Connected indicators and Storage Usage for Homey Pro (Early 2023) Only
The Events are Logged with the Alarm in the Insights
(Even when Homey becomes complete Offline on Both LAN and WiFi it is recorded in Insights!)

Both have a Tag:

And All standard Measured values have Flow cards now,
(while the # of Cores, Total Memory or Total Storage will probably not change unless you migrate from a Homey to a newer one, but that should be possible with the update!)


You shall rename it to Swiss knife ! :wink:
I guess it can’t read logs, right ? …I see way too often failing Zigbee module…restart solves it… but it’s a pain, as you recognize it by devices not responding (no error, just not responding) and/or interview immediately fails…

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Btw is this only happening to me? App restart solves it
…latest test… I just wonder as nobody else reported it yet