[APP][Pro] Surveillance Station 2

Surveillance Station 2

Adds support for camera’s available in Synology Surveillance Station

App store : Surveillance Station 2 App for Homey | Homey


  • Native homey camera support
  • Supports all camera’s available in Surveillance Station


Motion detection

  • Enable/disable motion detection when installing device and in advanced camera settings
  • Motion detection pushed by Surveillance Station


  • Action to update camera image. This can be used in doorbell flows
  • Actions for recording (start / stop)

Surveillance Station

Home Mode

  • Manage your Home Mode by adding your Surveillance Station to Homey


  • Actions to manage the Home Mode
  • Triggers for Home Mode (enabled / disabled)

Getting Started

  1. Install the app
  2. Add the Surveillance Station as a device
  3. Add the camera(s) as a device
  4. Done!

Reconnect/Repair your device

  • Go to the devices settings, choose “Maintenance actions” and then “Repair”.

Tested with

  • DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4
  • Surveillance Station 8.2.6-6009
  • Homey 3.2.0+


  • Problem: When your Synology reboots, the connection is lost with your device.
  • Solution: Go to the devices settings, choose “Maintenance actions” and then “Repair”.


  • This app is not officially maintained by Synology.

What’s new


  • Create snapshot flow action added


  • SDK 3 + Bugfixes


  • Credentials moved to Surveillance Station with option to save credentials for auto reconnect. Please note that a Surveillance Station is required as device to add before you can add camera’s.


  • Added flow triggers for Home Mode, renamed Home Mode states to enabled and disabled

Nice app, thanks a lot!

It works well (almost). Very pleased I can take snapshots and push them throw notifications as the old Surveillance app would fail after first screenshot.
The one part I have problems with is that the motion alarm gets stuck on Yes. Although it has been acknowledged to be turned off on the next page.

See here:

But all good in here:

Homey firmware 4.2.0
Thanks and let me know if more details required.

EDIT: restarted Homey and now all looks OK. Weird in first instance anyway.

Hi @danone,

Strange thing. Not sure if something is wrong with the Synology app or with the Homey app. Please let me know if it happens again.

Update 2.2.1 is live!

  1. In this version I have fixes some pairing issues (layout an security)
  2. You can now start or stop recording via a flow action

Update 2.3.0 is live!

  1. In this version I have added flow triggers for changes in Home Mode
  2. Home Mode states are now renamed to “enabled” and “disabled”
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Thanks for a great app. I recently updated to Surveillance Station version 8.2.8-6335 and I have some issues with my cameras now. I constantly get the red warning symbol on my cameras, when I try to repair it seems to work at first, but as soon as I get back to the camera screen I get error messages again. Someone experienced this?
Screenshots are hard to retrieve since the error message disappears quickly.

Hi @Exile82,

The only thing I can think of right now is when the storage is full on your NAS/Surveillance Station or Homey’s storage. The reason you need storage is to store a token on both sides to communicate and to save the camera image. Could you please check if you have sufficient free space?

Thanks for your response! Of course, on my NAS I have 1.28 Tb of free space and the Homey says storage is fine.
The app says that connection is expired. After repairing it says that it was successfully done:


but the app immediately says that connection expired

Strange, I am running the same version as you do without any problems.
Can you check your Logs in the Log Center (Main menu on your Synology).
Maybe the logs tells us something…

Hi! Well, there are a nunch of things there, like people constantly trying to hack my Synology. :slightly_smiling_face:
But nothing that seems incorrect with Surveillance Station.
What version of SS do you run?

I run these versions

  • SS version 8.2.8-6335
  • DSM version 6.2.3-25426 Update 2
  • Homey version 4.2.0

Do you connect with your SS via ip address or hostname?

Just checked SS again, seems that there are some issues with the camera itself, actually. I am gonna check that first and see if that resolves the issue. Thanks


I am trying to connect my surveillance station but i get this error message “error: could not find that pairsession”
What could be the problem?

Kind regards, Michiel

This happens when you switch between the Homey app and another app on your phone.

Thankyou for your response, still no luck. Nou it says timed out. What port do i need te fill in? I now fill in 5001 for https and portforward it in my router.

http and fill in port 5000, no need to open any port in your router if the NAS and Homey are in the same network with same subnet.

And yes, do not switch apps, copy paste the password before you start the process.

Thank you for your response! And what if my homey and NAS are not in the same subnet ( i have an IoT network where homey is). I tried port 5000 for http but that did not work. Do i need to open more ports?

If you’re using VLAN’s to separate IoT and “home” networks, you need to make sure your router’s firewall allows specific access from the IoT VLAN to a specific machine (NAS) and a specific port (5000 and/or 5001). It may also be necessary to create a static route from the IoT VLAN to the home VLAN.

I think that port forwarding is a NAT-thing, so outside-world-to-router, not VLAN-to-VLAN.

depending on how you connected the 2 subnets (wired LAN to WAN is what I did) the subnets see each other. If you want to check connections between subnets, connect pc/mac to subnet 1 and ping a device on subnet 2, vise versa. Make sure the devices you check with are pingable.

This should solve the subnet com in toto.

Dear @bookmarc,
Thank you for the application.

I-m fencing a problem with one camera model Sony SNC CX600W.
I have two of them. On is correctly set up, and I can see the image on the device in Homey app. But the other, I don’t have the image, it is not seen as a camera. I only have mouvement detection.
The difference of the two, the first is wired connected and the second via wifi. On the Synology, both camera are configured with the same settings.
Version of DSM 6.2.3
Any idea ?
I have tried to uninstall and reinstall several times, but no chance.
Thank in advance for your help.
Best regards