[APP][Pro] Surveillance Station 2

Surveillance Station 2

Adds support for camera’s available in Synology Surveillance Station

App store : Synology Surveillance Station 2 App for Homey | Homey


  • Native homey camera support
  • Supports all camera’s available in Surveillance Station


Motion detection

  • Enable/disable motion detection when installing device and in advanced camera settings
  • Motion detection pushed by Surveillance Station


  • Action to update camera image. This can be used in doorbell flows
  • Actions for recording (start / stop)

Surveillance Station

Home Mode

  • Manage your Home Mode by adding your Surveillance Station to Homey


  • Actions to manage the Home Mode
  • Triggers for Home Mode (enabled / disabled)

Getting Started

  1. Install the app
  2. Add the Surveillance Station as a device
  3. Add the camera(s) as a device
  4. Done!

Reconnect/Repair your device

  • Go to the devices settings, choose “Maintenance actions” and then “Repair”.

Tested with

  • DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4
  • Surveillance Station 8.2.6-6009
  • Homey 3.2.0+


  • Problem: When your Synology reboots, the connection is lost with your device.
  • Solution: Go to the devices settings, choose “Maintenance actions” and then “Repair”.


  • This app is not officially maintained by Synology.

What’s new


  • Create snapshot flow action added


  • SDK 3 + Bugfixes


  • Credentials moved to Surveillance Station with option to save credentials for auto reconnect. Please note that a Surveillance Station is required as device to add before you can add camera’s.


  • Added flow triggers for Home Mode, renamed Home Mode states to enabled and disabled

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