Surveillance station 2

I need some help with logging in the new surveillance station app.

What i have done:
In surveillance station on the Nas, control panel, external acces at DDNS i created one.
I used the synology provider, added and added my internal IP adress of the NAS, in my case
Now, when im home, and go to i can login to the NAS with the username and password i also use for DsFile ect.

In the homey, i tried to add new divice, surveillance station or camera i need to add the login information there. I tried everything but it keeps telling me error: Could not find that pairsession.

Log out from Homey’s app, and log back in (I’m not sure why you would need a DDNS-setup for the Surveillance Station app, but that’s a different matter).

That worked!
Thanks alot, i took me alot time hahaha