[APP][Pro] Sonnen Batterie

Hi all

I’ve just released an app for Sonnen Batterie with foucs on Time-of-Use (ToU).

A new release is in the press, with some breaking changes due to new capabilities (which offers more funcationality).

For those who are not familiar with Time-of-Use with Sonnen Batterie:

  • Add possible schedule (from - to) where the battery is paused.
  • Add possible schedule (from - to) where the battery is charging (winter = hight tariff, charge your battery when low tariff).
  • Reset schedule.

Yes, then added a bunch of capabilities as well.

Love your feedback. If you have previous version install, please remove your device and add again - changing capabilities for devices are not handled very well.

Constructive feedback appreciated.

Hi @Kim_Kokholm I just released support for SonnenBatterie in Power By The Hour, but it is based on the Sonnen app by @bogguard.

If your app has live battery SoC, and live charge/discharge power to/from the battery, I could add your app to be supported too. Do you have these capabilities? And if so, what are their names?

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Hi @Gruijter

FROM batterie: from_battery_capability
TO batterie: to_battery_capability

This will be available in next version (1.0.5), this is currently in the verification process.

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super! I will add it to PBTH version 6.0.1
Note that from version 6.0.0 PBTH supports very advanced Return On Investment (ROI) strategies for supported batteries in combination with Day Ahead energy Pricing (DAP)

To make optimum use of the ROI calculations you can add a number of charge/discharge power points with the efficiency of that point. So e.g. there is a maximum charging speed, but there is also a most efficient charging speed that has a better power conversion ratio. You can enter those numbers of the Sonnen Batterie yourself in the PBTH battery device.

Hi all, recent app-update introduces new capabilities like: to/from battery.
Unfortunately this will cause version incompatibility and you will have to remove/add the SonnenBatterie again. I’ve not yet found a solution for handling change of capability without remove/add device again.

Sorry for the troubles this may cause.

Hi Kim

Is it correct that there are some problems with the app at the moment in Homey Pro?

Best regards
Michael von Barner/Denmark

Please re-add the device. Sorry for the inconveinence (or however its spelled)
I did an update, but try and remove the device and add again - maybe it will solved it.

Hi Kim

It works now, but is it correct that no data comes from “to grid”?


Hi @Michael_von_Barner

New version is verification process.
Test version is available here: Sonnen Batterie | Homey

This version addresses this issue. Something is wrong with the api, the value is read elsewhere to fix this.

Hi Kim

Thanks for reply and answer :blush:


Hello Kim

First off, great app! I’ve been using my own API scripting before you got here.

I am a little curious to how you are able to make the app read the summarized daily consumption/production, from own solar system, from grid etc.

Have you been able to get reading directly from their app or is it calculated from each update to homey?

Its not so much the current readings that im asking about since i know how to get those myself.

IF they are directly from the their own app, then i would be very curious to know what endpoints you are using.

Kind regards