Sonnen Battery API


I was wondering if someone has experience with the API of Sonnen Battery to connect this to Homey?

Best regards
Jan Wynen

Not sure what you mean. Please provide for a link to the product in the app store, and specify your Homey. Cloud/bridge or Pro?


I Have a Homey Pro. There is no App for this battery brand.

I know it has API JSON & Webhook capabilities and also KNX if you get an extra module.
Normally you can read out the capacity and the solar input of the battery.
Then I could turn on the Heatpump of something else for example when the battery is full.

But I don’t know how to work with an API JSon or Webhook.

I was hoping that someone could help me with it or give me some info how to start with it.

Best regards

Hi Jan,

Maybe this gets you going! Seems very related.