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Update to latest version app made my enphase system not working anymore. When i add new device enphase Gateway, no new devices are found. What is wrong with app? Where is envoy option with api keys?

My Enphase system has also stopped working since the update yesterday from Enphase to firmware version 7.0.88 to my Envoy.
I had auto update turned of on my Envoy but has not helped to prevent it from updating.

I updated the last Zonnepanelen app and added my Enphase system again and filled in the credentials for a Enphase installer.
Now is my Enphase working again.

@Diederik Nice to see it is working, i only mis the value of “used energie this day”.
And is it correct that de values are not updating realtime but the are some seconds between them?
Updating the “opgewekte energie vandaag” takes more then 12 minutes.

I also use 2 CT’s

This were the old capabilities of the app.

This are the new capabilities

I am having a similar issue but haven’t been able to fix it so far. I have retired my old homey “enphase envoy” device that carried the warning about not being supported in the future, and have loaded the new app. It finds and loads the device “envoy 1221022xx” but gives the error “ECONNREFUSED”. I am logged in to the Homey app with my enphase user credentials. Not sure about the firmware on the enphase device itself. Any suggestions please?

@Neil_D The firmware version is in the Enlighten app.
Menu, system, devices, gateway.
My version at this moment is D7.0.88.

I am missing the total energy use of the day.

@Mike1233 My Envoy is “Envoy-S-Metered-EU” and its firmware is D5.0.62.
My Homey Solar Panels app is v5.3.2. With my Enlighten user credentials, the app can find my device “envoy (12210122xx)” but when it tries to request data, it fails with “request to {ip address} /ivp/meters failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED” {ip address:443}".
Did you say you logged in as an installer, or a user? should that matter?

@Neil_D With the new firmware D7.0.88 I have tried to log in as an installer and as user and they both work.
With the old firmware it did find my Envoy and I filled in the API.
Not sure what I have used further on to fill in.

  • If you have blocked automatic update of your Envoy, it will not help you. They will update it.