[App][Pro] SmartThings 2 (HCS version)

OK, strange it is different to my washer.
I will add a new trigger for the other status.

I have tried to publish the app in the Homey store, but at the moment it says I’m not the owner, which is strange. I have asked for clarification on that as I thought it was just the app id that determines that, so not sure if someone has tried to publish my app before.

I installed your app from Github using the CLI method (thanks to @Bud_M for the instructions). My Homey shows version 2.0.17.

By the way, the power measurement doesn’t really work with the app on my washer and dryer. You can see this on my screenshots above. But it’s not so important as I measure power with Shellys.

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For the oven, your app currently only has temperature triggers and temperature tag.

The official app has only one trigger but it is called “A cooking job has finished” and is very useful. The status detection runs via the timer in the oven, which also switches the oven off when it expires. The Dual Cook Flex Oven has two separate timers and probably provides two separate statuses. The official App also has a tag called “Status”, which can be checked with the logic card.

I have updated GitHub with a new version that has the Job Status Changed trigger. Let me know if it works OK or not.

Thank you very much, @Adrian_Rockall! This is exactly what I wanted.

I have tested it with the washer, dishwasher and dryer. The status changes are triggered and the value is in the “Job Status” tag.

The app now shows a new name and is called “SmartThings Community” (v2.0.18 from GitHub).

The app from Athom is now only needed for the oven to capture the status.

Glad it worked.
I will look into the oven parts when I get some time, but please remind me in a few weeks if you haven’t heard back from me. I have a lot going on ATM and adding the oven is a bigger task.

The new name is one of the changes towards enabling it to be added to the official App store. It has no affect to the functionality.

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