[APP][Pro] Samsung SmartTV

I did test my three screens, one is .160, one .161 and the last one .162… I probably copied the wrong output here to illustrate my issue…

Ah ok, that makes sense :slight_smile:
You tried Send key?

I didn’t yet. Thx for thx tip!

With that card, I can for example “Toggle the power” on and off, or open the “Guide”.
But sending the key “HDMI 1” or “HDMI 2” has no effect (idem with other options like Application List, …). And I don’t see a key for “Display Port” :confused:

Maybe indeed better to try the other app :smiley:. If that one works for you, it might be a good idea to post that in this forum-topic too.

I am indeed also trying in // with the Community SmartThings App.
But there, I am missing the source “Display Port” (it works for HDMI 1 and HDMI 2).

The developer is kindly looking if he can retrieve the list of sources via the API instead of using an hardcoded list : [App][Pro] SmartThings Community (was the HCS version 2) - #261 by vletroye

Yes indeed, it seems that it is not the device itself waking up.

Unfortunately I have the same experience. Sending HDMI1 does nothing :frowning:

And by using the Smartthings app I can see why setting to HDMI1 is not working. It is not one of the capabilities of the TV: