Total TV Control Samsung and Motorola

Hey i have a problem.
my girlfriend is blind and cannot see a thing.
i have 2 tv’s in my home both are connected to Wifi Samsung smart TV’s
and 2 times the Motorola VIP iTV box from telfort. (KPN)

The problem is with chromecast which i use i have to set the source to HDMI 4 on tv 1 and HDMI 2 on tv 2
but the normal ITV my girlfriend use is on HTMI 3 on tv1 and HDMI 1 on tv 2
the problem is that currently i must be home to change it for her if she wanna watch tv and as the changing of those channels is a visual thing we are bounching against the problem.

so i though is there a way to let homey do the following:
Check if TV is on (if not turn on)
Check if ITV box is on (if not turn on)
set TV to required HDMI channel

the rest can be handled by herself.
the 2 TV’s are in seperate rooms next to each other

thanks in advance!

To check if the tv’s are on, you could power them via a smart socket. If power consumption iis above 5 Watt, the TV is on.

Power sockets have a trigger card in Homey ‘power has changed’. So, that change could set a boolean variable to TV is on. With these two TV boolean variables, you could set an action to switch the Samsung input correctly. In my case I also use the Harmony hub, but perhaps the Samsung TV can be controlled via IR or an App.