Update Device Power State (on/off)

Is it possible, for instance using HomeyScript, to update a devices on/off state manually (without actually turning the device on or off)?

No, but what problem are you trying to solve?

I’m using a harmony hub to controll a TV.
And when someone uses the original remote to turn it on or off, the power state in Homey will be wrong.
So what I wanted, was to update the power state of the device, based on power consumption.

What happens if you switch off the TV from Homey when you detect it was turned off with the original remote?

It turns the TV on. Probably the same IR code for on/off.

That’s annoying :frowning: Perhaps it’s possible to do something with a virtual device.

Yes, it is annoying. Yes, I could probably do that. Will be messy though…

Check the Harmony flow to see if it uses the power on command and the power off command instead of the power toggle command and change it if necessary.

Thanks for the tip. Have however, already done this. Result is the same eather way.

Well, then there’s really just one thing you can do… Hide the original remote (I did this), install the Harmony app on your wife’s mobile and connect Google Home to Homey so you can turn off the TV by speech.

Don’t want to get rid of the original remote. Having to use the phone for things like volume controll is, in my opinion, highly impractical.
Just like light switches, the goal (for me) is that they should work together.
If there is no solution for this at the moment, I will live with the issue. TV is “old”, and will at some point be switched out for a bigger and smarter one :wink:

No, I said to hide the remote, not to throw it out…

Yes it is impractical to use your phone as a substitute for a remote, but it is very handy for a common task like turning off the tv (with a Homey flow).

To be honest I don’t think you can solve this problem with Homey. Harmony is a great product, but if you don’t use it in the way is was intended, it will not work.

My advise: hide the original remote so your family members will have to use the Harmony remote and the flows won’t get out of sync.

That is a good point. I don’t want to use it the way it was intended :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

All I want and need are the flows for turning it off when we leave or go to bed. For actual usage, when sitting in front of the TV, nothing is better then the original remote. So hiding it is not an option.

I guess this issue won’t be solved unless the app developer creates an option to update the device state. Unfortunately, it seems the developer has abandoned the project.

Ok, if you say so…

But one more thing: you can let the Harmony remote learn the off command manually. And then use this in the Harmony flow and this way also in the Homey flow.

That should do it.

And how do you suggest I do that? There is only one on/off button on the remote.

I guess some devices have different ir-codes for on and off. Seems my TV does not unfortunately.

Well, I suggest you rtfm :kissing_closed_eyes:

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