Modify on/off status of devices


Is there a way/command (Homeyscript or Webhooks) to change a capability value (like on/off) of a device?

The reason I’m asking is that I have a few devices that can be turned on and off without Homey knowing it. My TV for instance can be turned on by Homey (through a Harmony Hub) but also with the infrared remote that came with the TV. When someone uses the TV’s remote to turn the TV on, Homey nor the Harmony Hub know this, and Homey thinks the TV is still turned off. To make matters worse; the TV only has an on/off toggle command, so Homey also can only toggle the on/off.

I’ve placed a powerplug so Homey can detect if the TV is on or off, so what I need is a way to ‘synchronize’ the on/off state of state without actually turning the device on or off.

Any hint, tip or solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Can’t you use the powersettings? When tv is on it will take more power then off. That way you know if it is on or off, and you don’t need to use the on/off settings of the plug


Thats what I have now…

I have a “LG TV” device that was created with the Harmony Hub app. And I have an “Powerplug TV” device that was created with the Neo Coolcam app.

Let’s assume the TV is off. And the “LG TV” device is off according to Homey. So far so good. Now when someone uses the TV’s infrared remote to turn on the TV, the “LG TV” device is still off according to Homey; it doesn’t detect someone has pressed the powerbutton on the infrared remote.
And even though I can detect via the " Powerplug TV" device the TV must be on (since it’s using more the 10 watts) there is no way to tell Homey the “LG TV” device is on, or at least not that I know of.

My problem only occurs because the device only has a power toggle command, not two separate IR commands for on and off. If it had separate command I could simply let Homey send the ‘power on’ command to the “LG TV” when the “Powerplug TV” is using more the 10 watts. The TV would ignore the command since it’s already powered on, but it would make Homey know the device is turned on. And vice versa for when the power consumption is less then 10 watts.

I’m hoping there is a way to do this witch a script or a webhook, so I can create a flow that checks the power consumption of the “Powerplug TV”, and then set the on/off state of the “LG TV” accordingly.


You can make a variable in LOGIC, call this TV and choose the yes/no option. Make a flow WHEN power consumption changes, AND logic TV powerconsumption is more than 3, THEN Logic TV YES, else Logic TV No. You have to see what power consumption the TV takes when it is on or standby, that consumption is the trigger. I thought 3 can be ok, but that is what you have to figure out.this way you have your on/off status and you can use that in your flows.

Thanks, that is exact what I had. I combined it now with a virtual device and now everything seems to do what I want.

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