[APP][Pro] Samsung SmartTV

My qn95aa doesn’t respond anymore. When i use the on off function i keep getting power off in process. Changed ip adresses wifi to wired reinstalled the app, nothing works. What to do?

I have a UE32K5505 and installed the app yesterday. It seems to work randomly. Power on and power off works randomly. “When power on” seems to work. “When power off” does not work.

Tried removing and adding the TV but same results.

Diagnostics 4ddbb8f1-0d9b-4aaa-b821-178e8f87c319

Any ideas?

Can someone explain to me why the app is installed on my phone but is not visible in Homey early 2018. Software version is 8.1.3
According to the app this should work?

i have but the issue is that the complete device doesn’t register the TV goes on/off (according to my homey the last time I put the tv on was 23 days ago :sweat_smile:

(Sorry for the late reply apparently e-mails from homey end up in my spam folder :frowning: )

Same issue here. Does not register on/off.

Hey @balmli
I have some strange behaviour lately

When we enable sleeping mode on our Homey, Homey will turn everything off in the living room, including the Samsung Frame 2022. (it doesn’t check it it’s already off)

But sometimes it seems that the TV is turned on at night and I can’t really tell why, but it’s not turned on by a flow. It will just show it’s turned on by the app.

As I don’t really like to have my TV turned on at night I disabled the app currently, but the behaviour is strange.

I know Homey sometimes does these ghost-on-off behvaiours, saw them too on other devices.

I already tried to disable Power state polling but that didn’t help either.

Any ideas?

I don’t have any recent activity in the app so therefore didn’t send you a report.
Let me know if you need one


Hi. I know that the smarthings app/service can send notifications to connected tv’s. Is this something you are able to implement in your app @balmli ? :slight_smile:

same issue, since the last update Homey cannot detect if TV is on or off. Moreover when I actually try to switch it on or off through Homey, I get “unknown error” message

Mine works (have exactly the same model!), but just a few options are there. Like volume and channels… Did you had more options before?