[APP][Pro] Remotec Technology App (v2.4.3)

I had the exact same problem for trying to add a new zrc-90 from robbshop. But I found a fix:

  1. Homey APP → Settings → Z-wave → Delete a Z-wave device. Press button “L” on zrc-90 to complete.
  2. Reset the zrc-90 to factory defaults: Press and keep holding “R” button not less than 10 seconds. Followed by Release “R” button then triple click on “R” button within 2 seconds.
  3. Now add the zrc-90 as you normally would! Add APP → Remotec Technologies → Remotec Scene Master → Install → Press “L” once → Press “L” once. Done.

This time it will not give you the “Unknown error occured”. And you can use the device in your flows.
Hope this may help someone else.