[APP][Pro] OctoPrint

In the past several months I’ve been working on the code off and on (when I had some time, but couldn’t do anything while away from home anyway) for the Octoprint app, to add some additional functionality I missed in the app (mainly missing trigger cards).
In this time I also looked at some possible improvements and fixes that were requested here and the (original) github page as jon (sadly) abandoned the app.

There are some small breaking changes (see at the bottom for more information) making it harder (without re-pairing) to revert back to the stable/test version (the one in the app-store).
Update: v1.1.1 doesn’t have this breaking change anymore!
By just hiding the capabilities, instead of deleting them, this will keep the tags alive in old (already paired) devices (with still updating values), so no breaking changes anymore!

I have tested it very thoroughly.
If you however still find any issue(s) feel free to contact me in PM or on my github page (the issue page is open), and I’ll try to fix it in time.
If you have any requests, you can also send them in PM or on my github page, and I’ll see if I can add them.

In the end I might have gone a bit overboard, more then I expected at the start (LOL), adding lots(!) of additional features.

I wanted to share my fork of the app as more people are probably interested in at least some of the features.
You can find my fork on my github page. (click)
(How to install apps via CLI)

For now I probably won’t be taking over the app, as I just lack the (free) time for it, maybe in the future when life and work offers me more free time.
And the changes (most likely) won’t make it into the official app (app store), for now.

The changelog has become a bit long that it is kinda hard to post it here, so I’ll just summarize it here with most of the added features, you can still find the full changelog and all available flow cards (and their tags) etc. on my github page (in the readme).

Summarized changelog:

  • Added: Target temperature for bed (0°C - 130°C) and tool (0°C - 300°C);
  • Added: Target and measured Temperatures for a chamber (0°C - 75°C) (enable in the device’s advanced settings);
  • Added lots and lots of Trigger (14 (total 18), Action (8), and Condition (3) flow cards;
  • Added: Current (selected) file name;
  • Added: Estimated end time (date and time);
  • Added: Emergency stop (double click mandatory, to stop accidental clicks);
  • Added: Send (any) G-Code (flow card);
  • Added: An error has occurred (trigger card);
  • Added: Bed or Tool cooled down (trigger card, threshold editable in the device’s advanced settings);
  • Added: Home printer/axis (flow card);
  • Added: Move axis to (flow card);
  • Added: Dutch translation;
  • Added: 3 Maintenance actions (restart Octoprint, reboot Raspberry Pi, shutdown Raspberry Pi);
  • Changed: Cancel button now also needs to be double clicked, to stop accidental clicks;
  • Changed: Heated bed can now be disabled (in the device’s settings), this will hide any heated bed capabilities and flow cards;
  • Changed: Settings page was removed, and all settings moved to the device’s (advanced) settings;
  • Changed: Many minor changes internally to make the code a bit more robust;

And might have forgotten a few.

## Note: breaking changes
There are some small (for the better) breaking changes, also making it harder (without re-pairing) to revert back to the stable/test version (the one in the app-store).