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Topic regarding Prusa Link app.

App can be found here:


Looking forward to your feedback.

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@FoxVirus I have an app coming in. Just want to give you a heads up.

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Thank you for the heads-up!
Looking forward to the features you have in mind for the app!

Thank you for the dono.
@FoxVirus let me know if want localization NL/De.

Hello Kim, I would like to connect my Prusa Mini+ to PrusaLink app in Homey.
I have WiFi module in the printer and it’s configured. But I have API key as authorization method. Is it possible to use it? I have no login/password for my Prusa Mini+.
Thank you!

Hi, the login/password is found in the menu of my printer.

Please check when your printer is online and connected: http:///api/v1/status
To see if it supports Prusa Link

Thank you for your response.
Printer is online and sends status about temperature and other stuff to my PC.
http://192.168.xx.xx/api/v1/status’ responds with ‘401 Unauthorized’.

I connect to the printer via http protocol (Prusa Link Beta). To log in, I just navigate to the address ‘http://192.168.xx.xx/#dashboard’ and then enter the API key which Printer shows me in it’s Settings.
No logins and passwords has been found in printer settings. :frowning:

Just to be clear - when you go to your printer’s ip, you get the page of: Prusa Link

But you are not allowed to enter both username and password, like in this picture:

Hi great plug, I have a isue.
When the print is finished, the notification time line is filling with this lines:
“Job Print job state changed to undefined”
Every 15 second :frowning:

Is there a fix for this?

Hi, are you running latest version?

Yes, I got another login page:

Yes v 1.0.4
The state of the Device is not changing, it’s always “No job” (when it’s not printing)

Hi @Paul_Hemels

Did you remember to set properties to the Job-device as well. You can copy paste from you Printer-device.
I wanted to seperate Printer-/Job-device. Unfortunately you will have to set the configuration for both/all devices. Please check that.

Okay, I see now.
I would love to support both “variants”. But a bit hard for be to test the authentication - which is not described at all and no documentation found. Doing it with the username/password was a real tryhard too.

Do you by chance have experience with Postman? Postman is a REST tool, that you can configure authentication and options for the api-call to your printer. From your working options I can probaly configure support for both authentication options.

Hi, Thanks for the fast respons.
Is it possibel that it’s caused because the “Print job” gets an Connection error when the print job is finished?
Because the Prusa Link device stays connected!

To achieve this app. There are two endpoint, one for job and one for printer.
When no active job, the endpoint for Job returns no data (NULL). When Job is active, we can read the data.
Then the data is “NULL”, I tried to set the state to “No Job” instead of “undefined” or something. Maybe you are seeing “No Job” as an error, but it is not.

In your case, with the No Job, what is the “connected state” for the “Job device”?

When the Job is finished, the Job state gets “No job” (what is ok)
But the connection state gets “No connection” (Like when the printer is Off)

@Paul_Hemels did you check your settings for both Printer-device and Job-device?

We need to set connection values for both Printer-device and Job-device. Can you please confirm this?

Hi, yes I did this for both devices.
When the printer is printing a Job, the connection is fine.

Fix coming out soon, which addressing this issue. Found and solved. Keep an eye on next release.