Octoprint PSU Control


Do you happen to know a way to make the Octoprint plugin “PSU Control” work with Homey?

I have a Fibaro Z-Wave switch hooked to the 3D Printer. I would love if I could send a command from the Octoprint Web-UI to Homey in order to control the power switch (or even other stuff).

There are even plugins for the “PSU Control” plugin covering compatibility with TPlink, Tasmota, Shelly, HomeAssistant etc. but Homey is unfortunately missing.

Do you think there might be another workaround to make this happen? Maybe sending HTTP calls from the Octoprint Web-UI to Homey?

thanks for the tips!

(here are the available plugins: Plugins by Tag)

OK I got it.

  1. Install HTTP Request flow cards on your Homey: HTTP request flow cards App für Homey | Homey

  2. Disable authentication in the App settings:

(I actually overlooked this step on the first try, it costed me a lot of time)

  1. Create flows for turning the printer on and off:

  1. Install Octoprint PSU control if you haven’t already: PSU Control

  2. In the Octoprint Web-UI, go to PSU control settings, use the control method “System Command” and use following commands:

On System Command: curl -X GET http://HOMEY.IP.ADDRESS.HERE/api/app/com.internet/printer_on
OFF System Command: curl -X GET http://HOMEY.IP.ADDRESS.HERE/api/app/com.internet/printer_off

  1. Hit save and test. :v: