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I have a question about a flow I want to create.
I want to switch off the socket when the power is below 5W, but only after the socket has been on for a while.
So query 5W and then ask whether the socket has been on for 10 minutes, then switch it off.
Has anyone created this yet? I’ve got a hang of it right now

Hi MF_212,

If understand, you have 2 steps :

  • When the socket is turned on, wait for 10 minutes
  • And then, if the socket power is less than 5W, turn it off

The easiest would be to have 2 flows :

  • The first flow :
    When Socket is turned on Then wait for 10 minutes Then Launch the second flow

  • The second flow :
    When Flow is started And Socket power is less than 5W Then Turn the Socket off

But maybe someone have a very simpler idea ?


I have it in a flow now.
When the device is on, a timer runs for 2 minutes.
The second signal is the socket with less than 5W.
Both conditions meet with an “and”
The socket should then go out.

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Is this working??