[APP][Pro] Norwegian Electricity Bill (Strømregning)


V. 1.0.7 will update regularly.

Click on the link below to install the test-version:

Please test :slight_smile:

Have an issue. I can not find the Tag “Price” from my Tibber Home device. The only Local Tags options I get is “Total”, “Energy” and “Tax”.

I suspect that “Tax” is not correct…

It’s «total».

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Since the new regime has been postponed, many are left with some kind of hybrid. In my case that means different grid costs for summer/winter, but no difference between day and night (so I just entered the same price there). The additional costs for maximum power consumption isn’t active, so I entered 0 for all the different power levels, which should work fine.

To make this work I have to enable the new regime in the app, but what’s confusing is that I still have a fixed yearly cost, which looks like it possibly belongs to the old regime, and thereby might not be taken into account when the new regime is enabled.

I also have a monthly fixed cost which I would like to input, but I can add that to the fixed yearly cost if that is still being used when the new regime is enabled. It might still be an idea to have a separate field for fixed monthly costs.

@balmli Could you clarify if the fixed yearly cost is used also when the new regime is enabled?

I was wondering of it would be possible to also display the accumulated power usage. Using this app for individual devices aswell, so it would be great to see the kWh per day. And maybe per year aswell.

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Yes, that’s a good idea!

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Do you have a link to a website with prices for your grid provider? So it will be a little easier to understand.


They’ve made it a little confusing, but if you study the table in the greenish box, you can see that the prices in the middle column are the totals (so 39,38 øre/kWh in the winter, and 47,50 øre/kWh in the summer). And 2700,- kr as a fixed cost, no discounts during weekends or in nighttime.

So I have enabled the new regime setting, but entered 0 at all the power steps, and used the above mentioned prices for both day and night. This should give me the correct price, but since the fixed cost looks like it belongs to the old regime part of your app, I’m unsure if it is taken into account.

I also have a fixed cost of 39,- per month, which is paid to the power company (which is a different company to the grid company, at least on paper). It is tempting to add 39*12=468,- to the fixed cost setting to include that too, but if the fixed cost setting is tied to the old regime, I’m left in a limbo between the two regimes.

Yes, that’s a very good idea. It would enable power usage accumulation for devices that measure power, but doesn’t store the accumulated energy spent. It would of course be an estimate (since it relies on reported values and that the power is constant between reports), but much better than nothing.

If possible, it would perhaps be better if one could enter all pricing information in just one location, and not have to re-enter everything for every device, but I suspect that would mean quite a rewrite of the app, since currently all settings are tied to the device instead of being global for the app.

You have the “old regime”. It’s just that “forbruksavgift” is lower now in January to March.

Yearly fixed amount (Årlig fastbeløp) = 2700,-
Consumption based part (Forbruksavhengig del) = 0,3938 kr/kWh

And then you must update “Consumption based part” to 0,4750 kr/kWh on April 1st.

The monthly cost of 39,- for the utility should be put in the “Formula for utility price” (Formel for strømpris) field, divided by the number of hours in the month.

Dividing by 720 is accurate enough maybe. Something like this:

PRICE_NORDPOOL * 1.25 + 0.0299 + 39/720

In the next version you will have one “Main” global device (the existing Strømregning) with settings, and a “Slave” device with no settings.

The “Slave” device will get its settings from the “Main” device.


Ok, thanks. It would have been nice to be able to use the automatic summer/winter feature, because now I will have to remember changing the “Consumtion based part” on April 1st, whereas it really could have been automatic.

I guess l’ll just have to create a reminder for myself to change it.

In v. 1.1.0 you can update the settings with a flow… On April 1st. :slight_smile:

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Great! That will solve it for my case. When do you think that version will be released?



v. 1.1.0 is ready for testing:

  • Added support for slave devices
  • Added action cards to update settings
  • Added ‘MONTHLY_HOURS’ tag that can be used in the utility price formula
  • Added ‘Energy’ (kWh) and ‘Energy this year’ (kWh) capabilities
  • Added action card to reset the ‘Energy’ (kWh) capability
  • Added action card to reset all accumulated capabilities

Click on the link below to get access to and install the test-version:

Please test! :slight_smile:

cc: @mroek @Bonden

Come to think of it, I don’t understand how this could be correct. I would assume that your app multiplies the result of this formula by the actual power usage for each hour. If so, then adding the fixed cost as 39/720 would also be multiplied by the consumption, which is incorrect since it is a fixed cost.

PRICE_NORDPOOL * 1.25 gets you the price including tax. Then 0.0299 is the additional cost from the power company (“påslag”) per kWh used, I would assume.

So for example, if PRICE_NORDPOOL is 1,5, then the formula gives 1,5*1,25+0.0299 = 1,9049.

If the consumption for that hour was for example 10 kWh, the cost is 1,9049 * 10 = 19,049,-
If all of this was constant for a full month (just as an example), the total cost would be 19,049 * 720 = 13715,28.

Add to this the fixed cost of 39,- gets you 13754,28,-

However, adding 39/720 to the formula would give a total price of 14105,28, so clearly very wrong.

Yes, sorry. You are correct, and I’m wrong.

Need a new field for this, like the yearly fixed amount for grid.

Monthly fixed amount (kr/month)
Månedlig fastbeløp (kr/mnd)

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On first test this seems to be working just as i wanted! Great app! Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be the best solution.