[APP][Pro] Norwegian Electricity Bill (Strømregning)

Norwegian Electricity Bill

The ’ Norwegian Electricity Bill’ is a device to calculate utility and grid prices for Norway.


To install the device:

  1. Add the ‘Electricity Bill’ device.

  2. Go to ‘Advanced settings’. If you have a spot plan or fixed price plan, edit the price formula.

  3. Adjust the settings for grid capacity and grid energy for your grid provider.

  4. Add a flow to update consumption from a pulse device, eg. Tibber Pulse. WHEN: Power changed, THEN: Update consumption with POWER. Delt Flow | Homey

  5. If the price comes from a price source, eg. Tibber, select ‘From flow’, and create the flow: WHEN: Price changed, THEN: Update price with PRICE.

Release Notes:


  • Support for kW as unit for ‘Update consumption’ action
  • Added prices for grid company Klive


  • Updated grid costs for Midtnett


  • Fixed bug in ‘Grid this year’ calculation


  • Added ‘Energy this month’ capability


  • Grid capacity cost moved to a separate capability
  • Added API function to export Grid capacity prices (frodeheg)


  • Added action card ‘Fetch hours with highest consumption and other data’
  • Text changes


  • Update grid capacity cost calculation
  • Prices for more grid companies


  • Prices for more grid companies


  • Bugfix for calculating grid capacity cost
  • Prices for more grid companies


  • Prices for more grid companies


  • Prices for more grid companies


  • Prices for more grid companies


  • Function to update other apps with prices
  • Prices for more grid companies


  • Added an option to calculate ‘Level for grid capacity’ as an average of highest consumption hours
  • Added an option to select grid company for grid capacity and energy settings
  • Fixed ‘New level for grid capacity’ trigger
  • Added action cards to update utility cost settings


  • Avoid concurrency issues
  • Ignore extreme power values


  • Small fix for action card ‘Update energy with X kWh’


  • Added action card ‘Update energy with X kWh’ to update with energy (kWh) instead of power (W)


  • Added separate formula for fixed monthly utility costs


  • Added support for slave devices
  • Added action cards to update settings
  • Added ‘MONTHLY_HOURS’ tag that can be used in the utility price formula
  • Added ‘Energy’ (kWh) and ‘Energy this year’ (kWh) capabilities
  • Added action card to reset the ‘Energy’ (kWh) capability
  • Added action card to reset all accumulated capabilities


  • Grid capacity cost is added as max. hourly consumption increases


  • Costs will be updated regularly even if consumption is not updated regularly


  • Fixed typo


  • Added trigger for ‘Sum utility and grid price changed’
  • Added options for number of decimals for prices


  • Can add more than one ‘Norwegian Utility Bill’ device
  • Added ‘Sum daily cost’ and ‘Sum yearly cost’ capabilities
  • Fixed calculation of grid yearly fixed amount


  • Fixed calculation of grid yearly fixed amount


  • Can now see the grid price
  • Added trigger for ‘New level for grid capacity’
  • Added condition to check if current cost is below / above a specific value


  • Support existing grid costs regime
  • Validation for the spot & fixed price cost formula
  • Separate grid energy prices for winter and summer
  • Option for low price for weekends


  • Initial release

Is this available yet? Cannot find it when searching.

Available now:

It looks really good. Been testing it out for a couple of hours now, and I found that my current price is not updating in the app. In the tibber app it has updated. And the flow is correct, but it doesn’t update the utility app.

Any ideas?

Have you created the necessary flow, as described in point #5 on the top of this page?

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Okay, I think I found the problem.
The flow is good.

I just noticed that the app shows the previous hours price, now it says 6.43 kr/kWh, when it should have been 5.82 kr/kWh, as it says in the tibber app.

Is this right?


Great app, once again @balmli

I might be misunderstanding something, but I’m trying to get my grid prices correct, but can’t.

I have the yearly fixed price + price pr kw/h:

Totally different price then what I input in the advanced settings. Or is there a calculation I don’t understand?

Another thing about the grid price. I have different summer and winter prices for the current grid system. I think most people do. Perhaps you didn’t bother to implement this as a feature, since the new system will be applied (probably) early next year?

Like the comment above, I also have problems getting the price from tibber to update. This might be a problem with the trigger from tibber, because it updated fine when I ran the flow manually.

The summer/winter and day/night prices are further down at the advanced page :slight_smile: scroll past the new “kapasitetsledd”, and you should find them :slight_smile:

Yes, I see that, but isn’t that prices for the new price system?


Fixed a bug yesterday that was reported by another user regarding grid price (nettleiepris).

Get access to and install the test-version v. 1.0.3 with the fix:

I found a solution to the price updating with wrong price.
I set a 5 min delay on the price change, in the flow, so the price in tibber gets time to change before it utpadates the price in the app :slight_smile:

OK, I don’t have Tibber as a utility provider, so it’s hard for me to test this.

Did you use the price (TOTAL) from the Price changed - trigger ?

Or a capability tag (Current price) ?

This is the flow I’m using now, to change the price. It works, with the right prices. And the 5 min offset is OK for me.

I think it could work directly without any delay, if you use the tag set by the “Price changed” trigger called total.

Now you are using the Current price capability tag, that is set by the app, but unfortunately isn’t accessible until after the “Price changed” - trigger has run. This is due to the Tibber - Homey - app.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try! Just changed the flow now :slightly_smiling_face:

Great. Thanks.
Your suggestion for the Tibber flow also seems to work :+1:t2:

Could you add the ability to automatically get the total price based on the electricity support package by the government?

Jeg har innstallert din app på to enheter . Pulser fra Tibber og på en Heavy Duty Smart Switch som jeg har på varmtvannsbereder. På pulser fungerer den helt utmerket. Men på Heavy Duty så sliter den litt ( eller jeg ). Bereder har jo konstant effekt når den står på. Den forandrer ikke effekten og derfor får ikke din app noen oppdateringer ?! Hvordan er beste måte å sette opp dette på ? Kostnader pr time stemmer når man åpner den men blir feil når jeg ønsker å ja den frem på appen.

Yes, I see your issue.

I will fix in the next release so that it updates regularly.