[APP][Pro] Norwegian Electricity Bill (Strømregning)


Just before midnight, I enabled support for financial support.
In approximately 10 hours, I have consumed 87.38KWh of energy.
According to the grid company, that has qualified for approximately NOK 8 in financial support.
What is the meaning of the bottom reading in “Norwegian electricity bill”?
Does it mean that the app has calculated the financial support to NOK 0.69?
If yes, there is something wrong with the calculation.
Any ideas out there?

Yes, just set the correct “validFrom” date :+1: I will add that.

Yes, I think it is wrong. I haven’t had time to look at it yet.

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component and bill iss updating consumption with no flow activated.

@balmli I share the fixed grid charges with the person who rents my Hybel. So if I want to share Level 4 420kr/month with him how can I do that in the app? I have a series meter for the hybel and a seperate app for the series meter. I tried to use Fixed monthly electricity cost but that doesnt show up in the monthly total amount.
Thx in advance.

The grid energy company agder energi has chsnged name to glitre nett.
And some new prices.
Daytime; 0,4209
Nighttime; 0,3009
Cheep weekends; false

When i chsnge the price myself in the app and saves, the prices just chsnge back to ehat was there before.

That is because you have choosen a company in the settings, and then it fetches the prices from the app and not what you are putting in the different colums.

Seems to be some issue with the two values of strømpris, the one with mva and without is the same.

My slave device is getting false readings. I have an flow that is used to find out the charging price. It works great for a while and suddenly it start getting kwh readings when it should not. Even when the flow is disabled and even when the charger app (easee) is disabled

Please update with new prices for BKK:

“bkk”: {
“id”: “bkk”,
“description”: “BKK Nett AS”,
“settings”: [
“validFrom”: “2024-04-01”,
“gridCapacity0_2”: 160,
“gridCapacity2_5”: 260,
“gridCapacity5_10”: 430,
“gridCapacity10_15”: 620,
“gridCapacity15_20”: 800,
“gridCapacity20_25”: 975,
“gridCapacityAverage”: “3”,
“gridEnergyDay”: 0.5925,
“gridEnergyNight”: 0.4652,
“gridEnergyLowWeekends”: true,
“gridEnergyLowHoliday”: false

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There is a problem when the price is 0 ?

So the variable in the flow got updated this night at 01:00 to 0.00116.
But in the hours between 2 and 8 when the price was 0, the variable did not get updated.
I’m logging this very hour to google sheets.
At 09 the price was negative and the price got updated to -0.00012. And it works again.

So is there an issue when the price is exactly 0 ?
Does it send som invalid value that will not assign to a number ? Or does it not trigger at all…