[APP][Pro] Mercedes Me App (Release 1.0.3)

I don’t mean to appear rude, I’m just lazy :wink: but the answer is above.

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I already understood that the program is closed.
But I was surprised that the inactive Mercedes ME is not even official, it is a very big company.
I’m hoping Homey Pro will be able to pick up from Home Assistant and show statuses and unlocks.

AFAIK the Home assistant app is a hack into some older API, but I wouldn’t swear to that.
My app used the official (at the time) API, but Mercedes have decided to discontinue that.

I doubt Mercedes would be willing to put the time into developing an app for Homey as they are only interested in selling cars and Homey, although very popular in home automation is small in comparison to Mercedes market. As they have shown with their recent decisions, they are only interested in making money, hence it now costs to integrate with their system.

Maybe someone will port the HA code across, as I think that is the only hope. However, there is a chance that Mercedes might kill that off as well.

I use this and it works for Home Assistant: