[APP][Pro] Mercedes Me App (Release 1.0.3)

Ah, yes it does matter. As the app is requesting all those permissions and you haven’t added them, so it will be rejected.

And that was the trick! Thanks a lot Adrian!!

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Absolutely as Adrian says. Without having them all you won’t get anywhere. Very happy I scrolled through this post. Thx, Adrian :slight_smile:

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Issue with app again. Suddenly red triangele appared, and app needed re-authorization. ended here:

All I can suggest is restart the app or wait to see if it resolves later.

thank you for kind response. I also suggested a restart of app. and it appear to have worked :smiley:

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Oh! Even if the error went away after restart, I notice that the data no longer sync from the car. No update since the error yesterday. Is this the end of this app now, or can it still be saved?

Can you send me the logs from the app settings page.

I can, but I now tried the repair option. and it helped. data has synced again. so I will not bother you more at this moment :smiley:

Ok, glad it’s working again.
I will do my best to keep supporting the app, but testing is impossible now unless I can get user login credentials and I appreciate that us a big ask.

Today I received an e-mail with this content (I already deleted my mercedes dev account few days ago as we sold the car - we are now team Tesla):

Since June 2020, we have been offering you and many other Mercedes-Benz customers the opportunity to access selected data of your own Mercedes-Benz vehicle with the BRING-YOUR-OWN-CAR initiative. The underlying technology has changed significantly during this time and the BYOCAR infrastructure no longer meets our current technical requirements. Therefore, we have to inform you that the BYOCAR data products will be switched off by us on 31.08.2023. Due to technical conditions, we will start the stepwise sundown on 28.08.2023 already.

It seems that mercedes stops offering to query things like battery percentage etc. right? They also wrote the follwing:

We are working on a new solution and will provide information on this via our Mercedes-Benz /developers portal and via our newsletter.

Thanks for the heads up. I guess that will be the natural end of the app as I no longer have a Mercedes myself, so would have no way to test any new API.

I fully understand you @Adrian_Rockall.

I don’t get the way how mercedes is doing this. Stupid that there is no way anymore to read the vehicle data. Really disappointing… but luckily I don’t care anymore :smiley:

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I guess for what I read I’m too late to the party and this is not possible anymore, right? I tried to set up my profile in the mercedes me console but all options are now under a business subscription :frowning:

Correct. Sadly Mercedes have dropped the useful free bits, so the app is now retired and should have been removed from the Athom store.

Hi Adrian,

I got my Homey Pro 2023 a few weeks ago and was ready to finally test smart charging with a Mercedes EQC when I figured that BYOCAR will be switched off. Currently there is no other free option, but according to the information from Mercedes there will be a new solution. When the new solution/api is available I would really like to pickup this app where you left off. Of course I could start all over with a new app, but if you have something to share that might make the task of creating a new app faster and easier that would be highly appreciated.

I got many years experience as a developer, but this will be my first Homey app. I also got a Mercedes EQC 2022 model so got a car to test the app as well.

Best regards

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That’s great that you are will to take the app over. My code for the old app is on GitHub GitHub - AdyRock/com.mercedes_me and you are welcome to use it.
Unfortunately, I can’t transfer it to you so you can’t use the same app ID as I asked Athom to remove the app from the store, which means it is no longer in my dev account. That just means you will probably have to use a new app ID and users will have to install it as a new app.
Good luck with the new adventure and if you have any question, I will do my best to answer them.


Thanks, I’ll just wait for a new solution from Mercedes and then get started.


Is there any updates regarding a new Mercedes Me app for homey?

I ordered the Homey Pro and I’m waiting for it to be delivered to my home.
Is there any normal possibility to connect Mercedes ME to Homey Pro?
I have Home Assistant, it’s a Mercedes ME there, lots of statuses are visible and I can also unlock/lock.