[APP][Pro] Mercedes Me App (Release 1.0.3)

Thank you so much for the quick anwser.

Yeah. I copied and pasted the keys.

Have you allowed the third party access in your Mercedes Me account?
I can’t remember where or how, and I might have dreamed it, but I seem to remember there was something. Unfortunately, as I no longer have a Mercedes I can’t check that.

First of all, I reiterate my gratitude.

I am aware that he no longer has a Mercedes and I don’t know if someone will take over the app.

I have been checking the Mercedes Me portal, like the Mercedes Developers page and I can’t find anything about third party authorization.

I will keep investigating.

Something in the back of my mind says it was in the section where you enable / purchase services such as remote unlocking. It’s also possible that was for the old API that was used by Alexa, etc.

I have found in the instructions this image that I attached. I think that is what he is referring to.

The problem is that I don’t know where to find that web page to authorize third parties.

According to the instructions it says:

Exchange your credentials for an access token within the OAuth process and give consent to access data from your car.

Note: The Mercedes me ID you enter here must be the same you used to log in to the Mercedes-Benz /developers portal.

Just installed the app and configured as per initial forum post. Took less than 5min. Works brilliant :slight_smile: Mercedes page changed slightly but works pretty similar to original description

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Hello @drao

Could you put some instructions on how you did it?

In my case it always says Internal Server Error - Login error.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Adrian_Rockall

Consulting the possible error with Mercedes, it tells me this:

Please note that all our BYOCAR products only work with the OAuth flow not the Client credential flow!

Could it be that it doesn’t work with the URL https://callback.athom.com/oauth2/callback

Thanks in advance.


Now when the app tries to identify itself, I get this new warning. Sorry for so many answers.

And thanks again for your help.

The app uses OAUTH2 and the URL is required for the OAUTH2 call back.
The credentials you create on the Mercedes website are used for the token and secret parts of the OAUTH2 protocol. These are passed on to the Mercedes login page and used to validate you. Providing everything is good, an access token and refresh token are returned via the callback. The access token is used during each API call and the refresh token is used to get a new pair of tokens when the access token expires.

I presume you entered that URL when setting up the details as described in the first post?

Hello @Adrian_Rockall

Yes. I have used the address and instructions above, but still the same.

I do not want to bother you anymore. It will be my problem or I don’t know (I don’t have enough knowledge of where the error can be).

I have written to Mercedes again to answer several questions that they asked me, but they have told me that they cannot help me and that the error is in the application.

But, on the other hand, there are users who work correctly.

I will repeat the steps described on your first page.

Thank you so much.

I struggled with this for awhile, but it was the VIN-Number that was misstyped… (somehow)
I copied it from Dashboard and then it worked.

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For me it was working last year. Since 6-7 months ago it stopped.
Now I created a new project ID, new secret.
Stil get the server error

I also contacted Mercedes and they point me to:

In which they highlight the ‘openid’ scope
From what I can see this is not something I can do myself.
So hope Adrian still can help here, although he does not have an MB anymore. The more we appreciate the help

Already in there:
static SCOPES = [‘openid’, ‘offline_access’, ‘mb:vehicle:mbdata:vehiclestatus’, ‘mb:vehicle:mbdata:evstatus’, ‘mb:vehicle:mbdata:fuelstatus’, ‘mb:vehicle:mbdata:payasyoudrive’, ‘mb:vehicle:mbdata:vehiclelock’];

Have you updated the app to the latest version as Mercedes changed the API about 7 months ago I published a new version then to work with it.

Tnx Adrian!
App is v1.0.3 so that should be ok.
Complete url I get back is:


Ignore my last post (deleted) as I was looking at the wrong branch.
Can you confirm you have setup the project like this:

Yes, looks like that. Shorter list, but that should not matter?