[APP][PRO] Mennekes modbus

Hi All,

I’ve created an app or the Mennekes Amtron charger series using modbus.
It’s my first app, so feedback is welcome.
[Beta 0.1.0]

Implemented features:

  • Read charger Line voltage, current and power
  • Read (total) charging power
  • Read lifetime charged energy
  • Read session charged energy and session duration
  • Read the charger’s current limit and SET the limit through FLOW card (load balancing)
  • Read charger’s current capability
  • Read EV’s current capability
  • Read EV’s required energy
  • Read the chargers operational state

First will be only for 1 phase grid connection, 3phase will be added later as new device.

Link doesn’t work, Please wait until App is reviewed and published by Athom.

Hi @Dijker how does that work? It should be first accepted for the store and after that it’s available for testing?

So until then tester are stuck with downloading the repo, build using Homey DSK and load manually on their homey?

Best regards

Yes, as mentioned in the Dev portal:
before review it isn’t available, only after review a Test is available at:

Your app will be visible in the Homey App Store when at least one version has passed certification.
Your app is currently available for testing.
URL to your app

https : //homey. app/a/ {{AppID}} /test/

If I am correct, remove the Check:

and You can share the /Test link when it is verified / approved by Athom …

The Mennekes app is live now. If there are people who are able to test, please!
(Including the flows!).

Remark that this version for now only monitors single phase (L1) connections.

Best regards,

I have installed and insert it correctly. But no values are displayed. What is the failure?
Greets Timo

Hi Timo,

the items are displayed on creation of the device but are filled with values when they are retrieved from the physical charger. There is something resulting in a communication failure (IP, Port, model).

Is it an Amtron device?

Best regards,

Yes Amtron device with correct IP.

Hi Timo,

can you connect to the charger using, for example, the CAS modbus scanner?

Can you check you’re running the latest firmware on the charger?

Which version amtron version are you using (compact, premium, professional, …).

Best regards,

It is a Mennekes Charge Control. Now i have the newest firmware installed and definetly the right ip adress. I find no port information in the backend.

No data is shown.

Greets Timo

Hi Timo,

Which type Amtron do you have? I’m using it on the Professional version. There can be a difference in register structure.

Is the charger accessible when using Cas Modbus scanner?

Best regards,

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Hy i get now data from the wallbox but the carr does not load. The wallbox blnk the left usage icon. I think that the box want a authorisation. I have no rfid here. Is there a other solution to authorize the loading?

Greets Timo