[App][Pro] LIFX (LAN)

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So here is some progress I wanted to share.
v1.6.x is currently on the test channel: LIFX (LAN) | Homey
This version will most likely be the last one targetting SDKv2 and is mostly a maintenance update, bringing in support for a bulk of new device models and an update to the flowcards.

What happens after v1.6.x?
The software will undergo a major rework, primarily to upgrade it to SDKv3 (required for compatibility with the new Homey Pro 2023).
I also wanted to look into the latest major upgrade of the core communication driver. I have not tinkered with that in ages as it just works for what I needed. However, in the meantime, others who also contribute to this driver have released a new major version. I want to look into that and see whether Homey can benefit from this update. It could be, that it is not 100% ready for my purposes but in the long run this is a required step, to keep up with the low level communication protocols, in case LIFX introduces new features.

When will it be ready?
When it is. I cannot give any ETA about it still. However, I will try to have it ready when Homey Pro 2023 is shipping or shortly afterwards. Hell, I want to upgrade my hardware too :wink:
I will not be releasing it without an prior announcement. So there will for sure be a testing phase for the SDKv3 version. If you want to be part of that, simply follow this forum page for any updates.

A little warning though!
I will consider dropping support of the legacy flowcards along the SDKv3 upgrade. I would highly encourage you to check your flows for any cards being flagged deprecated or labeled with (Legacy) in their title.
Those have been flagged deprecated for quite a long time now and no one should use those anymore really. But you never know. I am not collecting any usage metrics from my Homey apps. Which has quite the downsides but people are more concerned about their privacy nowadays. So privacy over improvement is a thing. A pain for developers but it is how it is.

Happy New Year :partying_face:

Thank you @Shakesbeard that you are still updating your LIFX (LAN) for the new homey pro 2023.
That is great to hear.
I also wanted to check if all my flowcard will contineuing to work. Because you mentioned for cards that are flagged or labeled (Legacy). Where can i find it? For me it is about the LIFX Tile.

Hey @Pieter_Pessers,

It literally is written like “(Legacy)” on those cards themselves at the very beginning, if it is a deprecated card. Like here (sorry my homey is set to German though)

Aaaah. Thanks. I don’t see it, so i think it won’t be a problem. :relaxed:
And thanks again for your app. :+1:t2:

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Aaand this progressed faster than expected. Like really :crazy_face:

First SDKv3 version is now on the test channel: LIFX (LAN) | Homey
This is the first shot and basic function testing did not yield any issues so far.
If any of you want to help test v2.0.x please go ahead.

Whilst v2.x will only work on Homey’s with SDKv3 support it is fully backwards compatible to v1.x. So you can switch back and forth between both versions at any time for the time being.

Please let me know if you run into any issues or if you think something behaves different than before.

Thanks for making this LIFX (LAN) SDKv3 compayibla. Really appreciate it.
For what i see it seems to work on my LIFX tile.
For your support i send you a small payment

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Cheers! Thanks for your support!

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Soo… I looked into the new major version of the core driver. It looks like a few things I added are still missing in the new release, so I will hold back on upgrading that part for now.

What does that mean for you?
Just means that the current test version will be final for now. So feel free to torture the test version.
I will not release it before I had a chance to test it on the new Homey Pro 2023.
So there should be plenty of time to identify any issues.
Should plans change, I will let you know in time of course.

Legacy Flowcards
These are still included in the app at this point. However, I will no longer fix any bugs for those. In case you run into a non working legacy card, please let me know. Also please replace it with their respective new version and see if the issue persists.

On another note
Due to lack of time, I cannot improve the custom effects editor anymore. Which means it will stay as it is for the time being and I will only make sure it keeps working.
UI stuff simply is very time consuming and the target audience is very limited. So picture the maths here :wink: I tinkered it together as a prototype but actually wanted to implement a proper editor interface using react at some point.
However, if anyone wants to give this a try I can share the details on how to communicate with app’s API interface for editing custom effects. Just DM me if anyone is interested.

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Homey Pro 2023 Compatibility

Today I pushed v2.0.2 to the test channel. This version should now be fully compatible with both, old and new, Homey Pro. Not necessarily 100% bug free though.
If you find any deviating or unexpected behavior when testing please let me know.

v2.0.2 will go live soon™ as it looks quite stable and there was no negative feedback so far :slight_smile:

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@Shakesbeard I love this app! Thanks!

I have a problem, I have change to the new Homey pro 2023 and some cards is missing for me, I have setup a new token, on my old homey everything is there. Was planing to use the Flames Effect on the new homey, but the card is gone, working fine on the old homey.

This is strange. You’re the second one reporting this problem. Unfortunately I have not found the time yet to check on this. There are no differences in the software though. Not sure why they do not appear. Possibly some quirk with the new Homey firmware used on the HP2023. I will post here if there are any updates about this.

Thanks! :grinning:

Missing Flow Cards Issue

I got good news and bad news.

The good news is that I found the root cause why some flowcards (like those for LIFX Tile specific effects) are missing on Homey Pro 2023.

The bad news is that it looks like it is either a bug in the new Homey firmware for HP2023. Or a breaking change Athom implemented. I need to await Athom’s feedback on it. If this is not a bug but an intentional change, I might need to reengineer parts of the app to accomodate for this change in behavior. Which will be a bit of work :frowning:

Crossing the fingers that is just a bug then.
Thanks for sharing the information so we know, hope you get a definitely answer from Athom soon.

Missing Flow Cards Issue (Update)

I received feedback from the Athom guys.
This seems indeed to be a bug in the current HP2023 firmware. There will most likely come a fix in one of the next RCs of the HP2023 firmware, which will resolve this issue.
I will keep you guys posted when I catch any further news.

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Missing Flow Cards Issue (Update #2)

The issue is supposed to be fixed with Homey firmware version v10.0.0-rc.118.
I have not verified that myself, yet. If anyone is faster than me, feel free to confirm this.
Thank you

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I can confirm! The missing cards are back! Thank you for the investigation on this! :grinning:

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Hi, Maybe this question already asked but, if I have my Homey Pro 2023 connected to Internet cable. Can it see the Lifx Bulbs?