[App][Pro] LIFX (LAN)

Hi @Daniel_Fille ,
As long as Homey and the LIFX devices are on the same network and are able to see each other it does not matter what kind of transport layer is used.


Okay. Let’s get a bit more technical then ^^
So what basically is done to control the LIFX devices on your local network is that homey sends broadcast messages onto the network.
There is a one specific broadcast message which will make all devices to report in for being detected and others to control them.
It does not matter if you are wired or wireless as long as both, Homey and the LIFX devices to control are on the same subnet. A basic home network usually only has one open subnet.
Some people get more nifty when their networks grow and cluster them into vLANs and different subnets.
So all that really needs to be taken care of, is that the broadcast messages of the LIFX lan protocol are passed on in your network.
If you never set up anything special this should work out of the box.
If not then you might have isolation features enabled in your access point or other firewalling or routing features which filter those messages instead of passing them on.

Do you have an actual problem pairing your LIFX devices to Homey or is this more of a general question?

I think the latest answers are for YouSeeStefan I was little confused when I got mail/notification from your answers :slight_smile:

I have received my homey pro. My Lifx bulbs are local and not in the cloud, but I don’t see any bulb in de Lifx LAN app. How do I fix this?

Hello @YouSeeStefan ,
could it be that you are mistaking my app for the LIFX cloud based app by Athom?
LIFX LAN does not rely on the LIFX cloud. There are only few features which use the cloud but those are completely optional.
If you LIFX devices are on the same network as your Homey Pro you should be able to pair them to Homey instantly without any additional measures.
However, what Homey not does is adding your LIFX devices to your Wifi network. That requires to be done using the LIFX app.

The lifx bulbs are on the same network. Lifx bulbs on 2.4Ghz and the homey pro on LAN cable or 5Ghz mesh network but same wifi name. In the lifx lan app it is not showing any bulb

Then you might be suppressing broadcast messages on your network or have some isolation feature enabled on your access point maybe?

I have fixt it it was the lan cable

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I love that I can run “ Play Move effect” endless from from the app, is it possible to use Glow effect, Saw effect and pulse effect without the number of repetition? I want it to loop :face_with_peeking_eye:

The firmware does not seem to support this.
You could possibly use a timer app to script a repetition maybe. Or use the custom effects editior feature of the app. But cannot promise that you will get 100% accurate results.

I see, why is it not possible to access all the effects the same way “like the movie Effect” in your app, that are in the official LIFX app? API restrictions or something?

You mean the “move” effect of the multizone devices I guess. There is no movie thing :smiley:
Those effects are build into the LIFX hardware. I exposed all possible options to Homey there already. So yeah, you could say it is an API limitation/restriction.

The “build in effects” and the “custom user effects” functionality is something I build myself. Those are driven actively by Homey.

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Then I understand. Thank you for making It clear for me :slight_smile: yes and I mean move ha ha​:smile:

Hi Thomas,

I am having an issue with this app. I am new to Homey (today) but have used LIFX and Home Assist for a while. I have about 25 lights and 12 switches. When I add the devices to your app it finds all the lights without any issues but none of the switches are found. I am looking for the responsiveness of a local connection and your app seems to work really well with lights but the key function I need is the switches. Lifx firmware is 3.90. Do you know of any issues with your app that might prevent the switches from being found.

Thanks Roger

To be honest, the switches functionality has never been tested properly as I have none in my posession.
They should get found though. Can you try creating a diagnostics report for the app, maybe I can make out any recorded errors from that. You can do that by going to the “more” menu in the Homey app and then into apps. There should be an option per app to create a diagnostics report. Please mention your forum name in the message there or DM me your report ID.

Thanks for your quick response. I tried to send a report but it gives me a “rate limited” error. Also, I wanted to let you know that switches seem to be treated differently by Lifx than other devices. The are (firmware 3.9) included under Settings/ Switch in the Lifx app. I wonder if that is the problem?

Meh… well that is an Athom issue. Suprised this is not fixed, yet.

I am aware. I have been working with one of their original engineers back then when they introduced the switches but the api was not fully completed back then. So there might have been made changes I am not aware of. I will have to check on this stuff again. Sorry that I cannot provide a quick fix for this.

Thanks again for your response. FYI Lifx treats the switches as a set of buttons that can be programmed to various Lifx functions and a set of wiring (relays) that are hardwired to electrical circuits. These items can be setup independently so that one button can operate a relay on a different switch or on the same switch. I think it is a good solution but it is cloud only and lifx only.

I appreciate you are doing this on behalf of the community but please let me know when you have a chance to check on this as I will probably return the HomeyPro if a solution is not likely to be available sometime in the foreseable future.

Cheers Roger

First of all, I’m super impressed with the LIFX LAN app. The number of configuration options for flows is really impressive and is so much more reliable than the cloud connection I’ve relied on via google home.

Quick question: when I added my devices into Homey, it did not recognize the new LIFX A21 (1600 lumen) bulb that was released earlier this year. Do you plan to expand functionality to include their new matter bulbs? My understanding is that the LCM4 chipset they’re using on the A21 and PAR38 lights are going to power several new bulbs coming in the next few weeks, like an updated BR30 bulb.