[APP][Pro] ID Lock App (v2.0.0)

I’ll just add to the question about a version for Homey Pro 2023 and the new beta app version.

If help is needed somehow i will try to do so if i can :+1: Also donate if that helps!


Is it possible to update it to include homey pro.
Thanks in advance


Thanks, was able to install the app, will add the lock tomorrow :smiley: :crossed_fingers:

Tried installing the “joco73/no.IDLock” from Github but get this error message:

Homey App did not validate against level debug:
“keyword”: “maximum”,
“dataPath”: “.sdk”,
“schemaPath”: “#/properties/sdk/maximum”,
“params”: {
“comparison”: “<=”,
“limit”: 2,
“exclusive”: false
“message”: “should be <= 2”
Not installing, please fix the validation issues first

Any ideas? @Jonathan_Cohen

please upgrade the app for the new Homey Pro 2023

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Just testet on my Macbook Pro to compile and install the app to my new Homey Pro. The steps I did:

#Create a folder/directory to put the source code in terminal (shell):
#Then write the following commands to get going:

#Grab the source code. Remove the two ´ characters in the next line
git clone ´https://github.com/joco73/no.IDLock.git´
cd no.IDLock/

#install the latest NPM version
sudo npm install -g npm@9.6.6

#install Homey
sudo npm install -g homey

#install the zwave driver needed by the source code.
#Well, I had to do it because of an error complaining that it was missing.
npm install homey-zwavedriver

#List Homey devices - basically log in and show Homey devices in your account
homey homey list

#testrun from your computer - not really needed
homey app run

#install the app to your Homey Pro
homey app install

Any chance to get driver support for the ID Lock 202 Multi (ID Lock 202 Multi – ID Lock)?

I own the 150 and 202, but the 150 is not in use anymore…


My o my, this was a big blow. Did not cross my mind that the ID Lock app would not be compatible with Homey Pro 2023! Are there any alternative apps, can we donate to have you add compatibility?

Did you actually manage to get the ID Lock app to work on Homey 2023?

I have the app installed with my 150 lock on my HP2023 for a while now. It works. It is a slightly modded version where i merged joco73’s and Runely’s forks into mine and did some miner changes it have SDK3 support. Anyway it works for me. I have no idea if the 101 lock driver works with this one sins i dont own that lock. But i see no real reason why it shouldnt work. There is only one way to find out and that is if someone installs it and test it i gues :wink:

I follow the post above, and [HOW TO] CLI install method.

I downloaded joco73. I also had to install the zwave driver for some reason. Works well now.


I have 101 lock and can confirm it does not work

105 lock or 101 ?

I managed to get the locks to work with Homey Pro 2023.

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Do you have 101 lock?



Is it my merged repo your using or Joco’s? Asking just to make shure :wink: Sins it is not the same thing. If it is mine… what happens when you try and add the 101 lock?

Yea Joco’s base version works however there was things that i wanted from Runely’s version also hense the merge of the 2 diff forks. I did some additional corrections in the merged version to get them to work together. So basecly i got the bells and wistles from both versions into 1.

Without having checked the 202 lock specs i gues it should be fairly simular to the 150 lock in term of z-wave. So i could add a 202 version driver based on the 150 driver to my merged fork and check the specs if there is anything needed to be changed so whoever have a 202 lock could test it out. However i wont have time atleast not in any near time to look into a zigbee driver for that comm board. Unless someone else want to dig into it that is.

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