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ID Lock 150 - new firmware

Today IDLock announced a new firmware for the lock.
This page is in norwegian, but in short it says that you can download an app (iPhone or Android) to update your IDLock with new Firmware: https://idlock.no/updater/

Whats fixed ? Look here: https://idlock.no/kundesenter/idl150updater-version/

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thanks for sharing !

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I just bought ID Lock 150 with the Zigbee module. Do you know when Homey will support it?

You should ask that question in this topic:

Maybe there is already an answer.

I also have an ID lock with Zigbee. Been using Homey since the release but this is a dealbreaker - is there no plan to make Homey support ID lock with zigbee?

@Bjorn_Lindahl See my feedback in the apps official topic: ID Lock App (v1.2.2) - #203 by TedTolboom
I am awaiting feedback from IDlock to integrate the Zigbee version of the IDlock into Homey.

Please note that it will require a substantial amount of work to integrate the same functionality in the Zigbee version, which is related to the functions provided by the device and the current state of implementation of Homey’s Zigbee DoorLock cluster.

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